Police arrest 4 suspects in a robbery Ogun

Police arrest 4 suspects in a robbery Ogun

Operations from The Ogun State Police Force have detained four of six suspects who took a motorbike at gunpoint near the Akute axis of the Ifo the local administration area in the state.

The suspects, who were specialized in taking motorcycles from their owners using guns, were arrested following an aggressive chase initiated against them by the patrol group who are part of Ajuwon Divisional State Headquarters.

The public relations officer of the command, Abimbola Oyeyemi, who confirmed the arrest of the suspects, provided their identities, which included the 20-year-old Muhammad Adamu; Okacha Alidu (22); Yusuf Mohammed (28) and a 20 year young Muniru Sunmaila.

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Oyeyemi said that the patrol team of the police was swiftly mobilized by Ajuwon Divisional Police Officer (DPO) Ajuwon division, Andrew Akinseye following an emergency call that suspected robbers were active at 3a.m in the Onibudo region of Akute and had succeeded in taking the Bajaj model motorcycle off a Sunday Doile.

Police arrest 4 suspects in a robbery Ogun

The PPRO also stated that the suspects fled to their feet in various directions when they saw the police patrol with one fleeing on Doile’s motorcycle and four others being caught by the determined law enforcement officers following a fast chase.

“In an interview, they admitted that they were the syndicate responsible for numerous instances of snatching motorcycles in Ajuwon and the surrounding areas. They also confessed that their strategy is to make use of a vehicle owned by one of their members to drive across the one they wish to take and then they’ll present their weapon to the victim and tell the victim to surrender his bike.


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