Pakistan summons US ambassador over Biden’s nuclear remark

Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, on the eve of Saturday stated that the country had taken the decision to call the US ambassador in response to US president Joe Biden’s comments concerning the nuclear capabilities of Pakistan, Geo News reported.

Joe Biden called the country risky, saying that it “may be among the most dangerous countries on the planet: Pakistan. Nuclear weapons with no cohesion.”

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Joe Biden made the comments at an Democratic congressional event for the campaign committee on Friday, where he spoke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the US relations with other nations.

Pakistan summons US ambassador over Biden's nuclear remark
Pakistan summons US ambassador over Biden’s nuclear remark

“We know how to safeguard our nuclear arsenal,” Geo News quoted Bilawal Bhutto as saying.

“Pakistan insists on ensuring its safety and integrity. If there are any questions to be addressed, it must be about the Indian nuclear arsenal,” Bilawal Bhutto added in the report.

The former Pakistan premier Imran Khan held Shehbaz Sharif accountable for Joe Biden’s remarks, declaring that it was a sign of the complete failure of the foreign policy of the government. The former premier tweeted that the government of the present broke all records in lack of competence, following Biden’s remarks.

In a statement describing Joe Biden’s remarks as an “unwarranted conclusion” of Pakistan’s nuclear program The former premier stated, “….having been PM I am aware that Pakistan has one of the safest nuclear command and control systems in the world”.


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