Nicki Minaj, Kardashians react to Business Manager Angela Kukawskis alleged Murder: “You didn’t deserve this”.

Nicki Minaj and the Kardashian-Jenner family are all publicly moaning about the unfortunate death of their former business manager and close friend, Angela “Angie” Kukawski, who went missing a week ago. Police said that she was killed by her boyfriend and her body was found in the trunk of her vehicle. The exact reason for the murder is still unknown.

Nicki Minaj, Kardashians react to business manager Angela Kukawski's alleged murder
Nicki Minaj, Kardashians react to business manager Angela Kukawski’s alleged murder

Nicki Minaj shared a tribute to Kukawski on Instagram Wednesday saying that Angela was the hardest working, most reliable, sweetest person you could ever know. “You didn’t deserve this Angela. My heart is breaking for your children. Rest in peace”, she lamented.

The Kardashian-Jenner family also appeared on TMZ on Wednesday and said Kukawski was “truly the best”.

“She cared about every one of us and made things happen that were impossible, ” the statement read. “she will be greatly missed and we send our sincere condolences to her family and loved ones during this most difficult time”.

Jason Baker – Arrested and charged against Murder

The authorities immediately arrested her 49-year-old boyfriend, Jason Baker sr., and put a charge sheet against him with two counts of murder and torture. He is being held on a two million bond,

The police claimed that the baker murdered Angela Kukawski “unlawfully and with the intent to cause cruel and extreme pain and suffering for the purpose of revenge, extortion, persuasion and for a sadistic purpose, inflict great bodily injury”.

There are rumors that she was killed because of sharp and gruff wounds to the head and choking.

Who was Angela Kukawski?

Angela Kukawski is a famous Los Angeles-based business manager. She worked for Boulevard management and is a mother of five. Her management firm represents celebrity clients that include famous singer cum songwriter Nicki Minaj. She also has experience with rappers Kanye West and offset the Kardashians, and the estate of Tupac Shakur.

Angela Kukawski
Angela Kukawski

According to her company’s website, they are experts in financial management services to entertainers, athletes, and high-net-worth individuals.

Her company offered several particularised services, including bill paying and banking, financial planning, estate, and retirement planning, tax preparation, and tax planning, among others. Most of their customers were high-profile clients.

It is believed that she had a net worth of around five million USD at the time of her death.

Angie Kukawski – Personal Life

Angie Kukawski is assumed to be around 55-years-old, her actual birthdate is not yet clearly known. Her original name is Angela Castro. She is the mother of 5 children and their identities are also not publicly available. Her marital status is still not known. 

Even though it was reported that she was dating Jason Barker who is a recent suspect in her killing, there are not many details about him also. So her personal life remains a mystery, though she was a successful entrepreneur.

Angela kukawski, the industry’s most successful business manager, who those close to her called “Angie, ” was allegedly found murdered in Los Angeles after she was reported missing on December 22. The local law enforcement discovered her body in the trunk of her vehicle.

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The Cold-Blooded Murder

According to the investigators, the manager was allegedly killed by her boyfriend Jason Barker; she may have been killed at their Sherman Oaks home before the 49-year-old disposed of her body in Simi valley. Barker was arrested on 23rd December according to online jail records about the case.

The investigation regarding Angela Kukawski is still under process. According to the Daily mail, Barker is scheduled to be presented in the Van Nuys municipal court on 12th January. The additional details about the crime will be expected to be released in the coming weeks.

The Industry Expresses Tribute to Angela Kukawski

It seems that many big celebrities in the industry are shocked because of the unfortunate death of Angela Kukawski. She was very much close to many celebrities as she was the manager for many known names. She was the master bookkeeper as well as a trusted advisor to many in the industry. Her clients characterize her as a diligent and hardworking woman with straight words.

Tributes and prayers are showering all over the internet. Let her friends and family have the courage to withstand the tough times in their lives and may her soul rest in peace.