Emma Watson recalls considering leaving ‘Harry Potter Franchise’: The Fame thing had Finally Hit Come

The “Harry Potter” franchise could have been entirely different if Emma Watson recalls considering leaving ‘Harry Potter’ franchise halfway through, as she considered doing.

2022 is already kicking off on a high note as the cast of Harry Potter is set to reunite for a one-night special “Return to Hogwarts” reunion event for the 20th anniversary of the first film’s release. 

Emma Watson recalls considering leaving 'Harry Potter' franchise
Emma Watson recalls considering leaving ‘Harry Potter’ franchise

Ever since the reunion was announced, fans have been losing their muggle minds throughout the social media over many of the clips from the trailer as the entire cast is set to return to the wonderful school that enriched theirs as well as ours live with magic.

Being part of the Harry Potter franchise is like a dream come true moment for everyone, but the younger actors had to face so many challenges when they were climbing on the ladders of fame.

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 Emma Watson Decides to Quit

For Emma Watson, the demanding schedule became too much and with the desire to pursue her academics as well she was not sure about whether she would be happy playing the role of Hermoine. She may also have worries about her entire life being controlled by productions as well as the pressure of overwhelming fame. She became very exhausted in her very busy schedule and wanted to prioritize her education. She might discuss the same in the upcoming event.

 The actress, along with several of her co-stars, climbed the ladders of fame and success at a very young age in 2001 when they appeared in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”.While Emma Watson and her friends have parlayed their early fame and stardom into successful careers in Hollywood, it wasn’t a comfortable journey for them.

In the reunion special, director David Yates remembers that Emma Watson considered leaving Harry Potter shortly after he agreed to direct “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” which was the fifth one out of eight films.

“I think I was scared,” Watson says in the special, recalling an old diary entry in which she mentioned feeling lonely, as per People magazine. “I don’t know if you ever felt like it got to a tipping point where you were like, ‘This is kind of forever now.'”

She added: “The fame thing had finally hit home in a big way.”

Tom Felton, another actor who appeared throughout the franchise, remembered how Watson handled the change and accepted the situation.

“People definitely forget what she took on and how gracefully she did it,” he said.

He also noted that Watson didn’t exactly have anyone to lean on while filming the movies, as she was “not only younger but she was by herself.”

Daniel Radcliffe, who starred as the titular boy wizard, added: “We never talked about it on the film because we were all just kids.”

“As a 14-year-old boy, I was never going to turn around to another 14-year-old and be like, ‘Hey, how are you doing? Is everything okay?'” he explained.

Watson wasn’t the only star to consider leaving the iconic franchise, however, as Rupert Grint also thought about bowing out at several points.

“I had moments like that kind of all the way through,” he admitted. “I also had similar feelings to Emma, kind of contemplating what life would be like if I called it a day, but we never really spoke about it. I guess we were just kind of going through it at our own pace. We were kind of in the moment at the time. It just didn’t really occur to us that we were all having similar feelings.” The actor struggled with drinking and had inappropriate relationships with fans. 

 Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts

Watson, now 31, is set to appear in HBO Max’s upcoming “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” special, which will see her and others involved in the Harry Potter franchise recalling their great time working together for one of the most successful movie series in the world. The long-awaited reunion is just around the corner and fans are thrilled to see their favorite stars again.

One moment in particular that fans can’t help but gush over is between Emma Watson and Tom Felton, who starred as Hermoine Granger and resident bad boy Draco Malfoy, and the pure love they display for each other even years after the making of the movie installments.

But according to ET Canada, the love Emma had for Tom at one point was too much, more than just simple admiration to a co-actor. Her intense heart for Tom wouldn’t even have been curable with the likes of magical genius Hermoine Granger, herself. Anyway, fans are waiting to watch these behind the scene memories of their favorite stars in the event.

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