New WF Police dashboard will provide real-time crime statistics

New WF Police dashboard will provide real-time crime statistics – The West Fargo Police Department is almost ready to roll out a new dashboard which will provide real-time information on crime trends, arrest data and crashes.

Denis Otterness, Chief of Police, says that the Community Transparency dashboard is designed to increase trust between the police and the community. The dashboard was presented to the West Fargo City Commission by Denis Otterness on Monday, 21 November.

Otterness stated that trust with the community is an important aspect of our police department and community engagement program. “This mutual trust and respect is the only way we can operate and police our community effectively,” Otterness added.

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As a collaboration effort between G.I.S. and their criminal intelligence analyst G.I.S., the dashboard has been in development for almost a year. The City of West Fargo communications department and their criminal intelligence analyst, G.I.S. This dashboard will allow citizens to receive real-time updates on neighborhood-specific crime trends, crash data, arrest data, traffic stop data, fleeing/vehicle pursuit data and use of force data, along with many additional features.

Nearly all information will become public, except for active and open cases. To protect the privacy of specific addresses, residences and victims of crime, safeguards have been put in place.

New WF Police dashboard will provide real-time crime statistics

The city commission does not require any financial support to launch the dashboard. Otterness states that no additional person is required to enter the data, as it is information already required to be reported.

The city is currently working to integrate the dashboard into the existing police department page on the city’s website. It hopes to launch the dashboard next week.


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