London Fashion Week will be held in memory of Dame VivienneWestwood

London Fashion Week will be held in memory of Dame VivienneWestwood.

London Fashion Week will be dedicated in tribute to Dame VivienneWestwood, as the organizers revealed. The event will honor her “extraordinary” contribution to the industry.

She died in December at the age of 81. Her androgynous designs and slogan t-shirts, as well as her irreverent attitude toward the establishment, made her a household name in the 1970s. Some of her most notable clients included Lady Gaga and Adele.

David Pemsel, British Fashion Council’s new chair, spoke to The Standard to say that it was right that London Fashion Week, which starts on Friday, be dedicated to Dame Vivienne.

According to Pemsel, she was “everything that was brilliantly about the intersection between Britishness and fashion”. Pemsel took over the three-year BFC role in September. He said that she was “finally iconic.”


She was a symbol of everything great about the intersection between Britishness and fashion. She was an activist. She used her platform for climate change, civil rights and free speech. She is the embodiment for our amazing industry.”

He said, “It’s only right and proper that we devote the whole week to her.” We should celebrate her contribution, as she was exceptional and unique.

LFW will host several exhibitions that showcase Dame Vivienne’s activism, work and designs.

London Fashion Week will be held in memory of Dame VivienneWestwood

Many designers will pay tribute to their designs in their shows. The week will last until Tuesday and see 127 brands showcase their designs at 104 exhibitions, catwalk shows, and 41 digital offerings. The organizers describe it as a five-day celebration of creativity, innovation, that brings together fashion culture and technology.

Due to the death the Queen, Fashion Week’s September edition, which was one of its largest since 2020 and the beginning of the pandemic, had to be cancelled. Pemsel stated that there was “pent up” excitement for the week and called it a “huge time” for British fashion.

He stated: “The Queen’s passing caused us to postpone the last fashion week. It was exciting to see the British fashion industry come out of lockdown, and put it back on the map. But that was deferred. It is now more important than ever that the industry comes together to amplify and regain this amazing business. “

He continued, “In that context it is a huge moment for the fashion industry.” He stated that the two-yearly fashion weeks showcase what British fashion has to offer “and our place in the world.”

Mr Pemsel stated that our fashion was in the spotlight right now. “You just need to look at Sam Smith, Harry Styles and Harry Styles at the Brits. Rihanna at Super Bowl in Loewe. These looks are proof of our industry’s global status. The UK is known for its anarchic, unique creativity. We want to show it.”


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