Moscow police have called the home of a party for 10 weeks before the murders the house was packed with random people’

Just a few weeks before the time that four University of Idaho students were brutally killed in their home off campus Police officers were summoned to the home due to an unruly party, but none of the potential victims were there.

The police arrived at the house around 8:45 p.m. in September. 1 and approached the door to enter for about a minute before two males who were not identified went downstairs to talk with them.

“I just looked for everyone that lives here, and they’re not here right now,” one male said. “I have no clue where they went. No clue.”

When an officer noticed that there might be underage drinking and stated that they just wanted to address it as a noise issue One of the males suggested that he contact someone who is living there on the phone.

Police eventually spoke to an individual aged 21 Maddie Mogen, a resident of the house as well as one of four people that would later be murdered.

“The reason that we’re here is that we received a noise complaint of loud music and partying,” the officer said to Mogen via phone.

“None of the occupants who live at this address are here right now. So now you have a house full of random people. You need to let them know that the noise needs to come down.”

Ted Williams, a former Washington, D.C., police officer, believes that the perpetrator was likely at the house prior to the incident and knew the layout well, which could have a negative impact on the investigation due to the sheer amount of people always within and out of the home.

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There’s also likely to be an abundance of evidence from the physical that investigators had to go through according to Williams.

“This very well may be why it is so difficult for law enforcement to process the crime scene, because this location where these four victims were killed, was considered a party house,” Williams explained to Fox News Digital.

“Quite naturally, there would be a great deal of DNA and other physical evidence at that scene, and so what law enforcement is trying to do right now is to go through a process of elimination.”




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