Kiszla After more than 35 days Broncos have finally done the right thing

It was a loop and loop, as this carousel of coaching whirled beyond control for 35 days with the Broncos following their own tails until the chief executive Greg Penner finally stepped off and realized he was wrong and appointed Sean Payton, the candidate best suited to teach football player Russell Wilson how to ride again.

I’ll get up and cheer on this great move by the Broncos immediately my head isn’t spinning.

As Penner realized by accident it’s much simpler selling 1.5 billion pounds of bananas from Walmart over the course of an entire year than find a professional football coach in one month.

Kiszla After more than 35 days

However, once the dust has settled and the sand is clear, DeMeco Ryans keeps his wife happy with an opportunity with the Houston Astros in Houston while Jim Harbaugh continues his endless game of footsie with NFL prospective employers Two things will be clear after this treacherous, often tangled path taken by the rich and crazy Waltons to recruit a veteran coach who has an Super Bowl ring to end seven long years of suffering within Broncos Country.

No. 1: It’s never late to make the right choice.

No. 2. Payton was the ideal man for the job right from the beginning.

What took you so long?

The blame lies with Broncos General Manager George Paton, the knucklehead who blunderly offered Wilson an $245 million extension to his contract before Wilson made his first poor interception in the Denver uniform.

If the cost of the acquisition of Wilson from Seattle in a trade , had it not been as high, and with a wealth of draft picks to be transferred to the Seahawks and the Seahawks the hiring of Payton was an easy decision. Instead the Broncos were dilatory and dizzy while balking and dithering as New Orleans suggested it would require not one but two draft picks from the first round to release Payton from contractual obligations towards the Saints.

The Broncos chased Harbaugh all up to Michigan and wooed a girl who prefers to be chased than be caught. Let’s all take a breath of satisfaction that Harbaugh did not say no to Penner since these kinds concerns about commitment are among the most important things for the Broncos team that’s been difficult to get into love with lately.

The chance to talk with Ryans who’s popularity skyrocketed as the year’s most popular young coach, was more exciting, and possibly more dangerous than discussions with Harbaugh. In the event that Broncos decided to gamble in a player who was a linebacker that had no experience in head coaching, Ryans must have aced the interview with Denver brass like no other candidate ever since Josh McDaniels. (How did it go in the end?)

So , I’m content with how this bizarre story ended. The payment of two draft selections (a first-rounder and a second-rounder) in exchange for the Saints in exchange for Payton who is 59 years old and a coach who has put together an impressive record of 161-97 in the NFL which is a reasonable cost to pay.

In basically the Broncos made a trade Bradley Chubb and a player to be named later in exchange for Payton who took his Saints team that went 3-13 in the 2005 playoffs his first season as head coach. There’s no chance Denver would have chosen with the 29th selection during the initial round of the draft this year that could have a chance to lead such a change.

Yes I’ve heard complaining in certain corners in Broncos Country that Payton only had the honor of winning his way to the Super Bowl once during 15 seasons at New Orleans, despite the support that came with Drew Brees as his quarterback. Really?

Newsflash: The winning of in the Super Bowl is hard. Mike Tomlin has done it only once in his 15 seasons as a member of his team the Steelers; Dan Reeves never ever won the Lombardi Trophy in Denver despite having John Elway as his quarterback.

There was at times be no rhyme or logic to the hiring procedure of Penner however, there should be no doubt that the new owner group took a huge risk in the hiring of Payton and knows that it takes more than hugging to create a culture that is winning.

One year ago filled with the false hopes the possibility that Nathaniel Hackett might help lure quarterback Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay the Broncos hired a joker coach. Payton is a professional footballer and has skins on the ceiling, which is what our friend John Fox likes to say.

An effective quarterback can be more crucial to winning than a coach. The Broncos have no hope without a fix for Wilson and nobody of the eight players who were interviewed for the job could have been as well-suited to the task as Payton.

In contrast to Hackett, Payton has the authority to be a defender for Wilson instead of serving as his wingsman. Wilson has been a longtime admirer of Brees and is now blessed to have a coach capable of putting his career in the direction of Canton.

In the context of the contractual obligation given to by the owner, Payton has the power to steer the team in the right direction should Denver decide that Wilson really is a mess and should be thrown out after another disappointing season.

Since 2017 the Broncos spent a good portion of our lives in awe and prayer Vance Joseph, Vic Fangio or Hackett could bring the team back into the top of the league.

In hiring Payton The Broncos finally made the decision to invest in a coach who already knows how to get to the highest levels.


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