Microsoft finally fixes the embarrassing Windows 11 printer problem – but is it too late for them?

Microsoft finally fixes the embarrassing Windows 11 printer problem. Those who were prevented from upgrading to Windows 11 22H2 because of the compatibility issue with their printer will be delighted to hear this.

This bug was a serious problem that appeared in September 2022. It forced printers to return to their default settings. Many important features were not available by default – we are referring to printing in duplex and higher resolutions. Color could also be a major problem.

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Neowin discovered that Microsoft had officially closed the bug down a few days earlier (November 18). The safeguard blocking devices that could have been affected by this bug were removed about a week ago. This allows those computers to update to Windows 11-22H2 – although it may still take some time before the upgrade is completed.

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It has been difficult for anyone with an affected printer to update to Windows 11 22H2. The bug has been around for a while. It was only two months ago when the bug first surfaced, so it has been difficult to find a quick solution.

Microsoft finally fixes the embarrassing Windows 11 printer problem

The whole thing is not a good look for Microsoft. There are many questions about Windows 10 bugs and Windows 11 seems to be continuing with worrying quality assurance problems. We’ve been adamant about this, and we will continue to do so as bugs such as the printer-related gremlin, or other flaws like File Explorer slowing down or crashing Windows 11 PCs, continue to pop up far too frequently for our liking.

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