Catalog of late Rocker David Bowie sold to Warner Music

Catalog of late rocker David Bowie has been sold to the publishing unit of the Warner Music group. The deal has been signed by the Bowie estate and Warner music group in around 250 million dollars as per sources. 

Catalog of late rocker David Bowie
Catalog of late rocker David Bowie

Catalog of late rocker David Bowie, a famous rock star of his times has been purchased by publishing unit of the Warner Music Group. It ranges around sixty years of music and has famous compositions as Lets dance types.

Bowie was a great artist and has really pushed the limits of the music industry and his sanity to deliver the absolute most inventive melodies of the Bowie generation. David Bowie died in the year 2016 when he was 69 years old.

The catalog deal in between Bowie estate and Warner Music group

The current deal in-between the Warner music group and David Bowie estate incorporates melodies from the 26 studio collections which were earlier released during his lifetime and it also includes the album named “Toy” which was released posthumously for honoring his contribution to the music industry for around 6decaded.

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Warner Music Group has not disclosed the monetary terms of entering into such a deal with the Bowie estate in their recent official announcement to the public this Monday. Whereas some sources revealed that the deal was somewhere worth USD 250 million.

Bowie’s estate representative had signed the deal with the Warner group the last September (2021) which gave the group legal rights to the catalog of David Bowie from the year 1968 to the year 2016.

Bowie started his career in Britain (UK) and achieved fame in the industry in the year 1969 with his first-ever hit “Space Oddity,” for which he once said that the words of this song were inspired by the movie titled “2001: A Space Odyssey”, a Stanley Kubrick film.

With the “Ziggy Stardust” song in the year 1972, which was a depiction of a bound sexually unbiased stone emissary from space, he entered the global music industry and achieved global recognition stardom.

The Bowie’s catalog deal is one of the most recent in the media privileges area, where organizations have looked to support eminences by buying his catalog after the COVID-19 pandemic hits the revenue streams for the companies and which also postponed the arrival of new releases or recordings in the market.

Warner Music group is home to some very famous stars like Ed Sheeran, Cardi B, and Bruno Mar. The group has also partnered with the famous pop artist Madonna in whom the group will launch her catalog in the coming years.

The news of this deal just comes a few days before the 75th birth anniversary of the rock star which is due on this 8th January.

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