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Home News Microsoft Edge will get a dedicated “Touch mode” on Windows 10, Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge will get a dedicated “Touch mode” on Windows 10, Windows 11.

Microsoft Edge will get a dedicated “Touch mode” on Windows 10, Windows 11.

It is obvious that the original Microsoft Edge (Spartan), was much better than Chromium’s Edge on touch-enabled devices. Windows 10 also offers “tablet mode”, which optimizes the interface of Windows 10 and apps such as Edge (original), to get the most from a touchscreen-enabled computer.

Windows 11 no longer offers a dedicated tablet mode. Chromium Edge doesn’t offer a tablet mode ….. until now.

Microsoft appears to be working on a dedicated “touch mode” for Chromium Edge in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Edge’s new touch mode (which is available in Canary) may significantly improve web browsing on tablets or touchscreen-enabled computers.

This feature is available in Edge’s appearance settings. It’s called “Tablet Mode” and it sounds exactly like it does.

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The feature states that you can choose whether touch mode is on or off. Edge will recognize your tablet as a tablet and automatically switch to “Auto” mode.

The second option, ‘On’ force, enables touch mode on all devices. The third option ensures that you don’t accidentally turn the feature on.

This feature is optional and can be used to help touchscreen-enabled users use their devices by touching it. Edge’s tablet mode only changes the size of the tab strip. This allows you to drag and drop tabs, or close tabs, without opening another tab on a touch enabled PC.

Microsoft Edge will get a dedicated "Touch mode"

In the days ahead, we expect more enhancements to Edge’s built in touch mode. Edge touch mode may eventually include large icons, large menus, fewer options, and more.

Their appearance would be the difference between them. The classic non-touch mode provides smaller icons and a simpler interface for keyboard and mouse users. However, the tablet mode would largely eliminate small icons in favor of large icons.

Many users find Edge on tablets a mess

Edge’s touch experience may be compromised by the tablet mode. Our reader, “NiveaGeForce” pointed out that Edge has a number of tablet-specific problems.

Edge, for example, doesn’t allow tablet users to “drag tabs out of single-tabbed windows (it just fails) to move) to another Windows with touch. Edge’s text selection on a touch computer is similarly unreliable and doesn’t follow Windows conventions.

Microsoft officials confirmed that they are actively investigating these Edge touch issues. However, we haven’t seen any major touchscreen-related fixes in the browser over the past few months.

Edge will also include file sharing.

Microsoft Edge now supports Drop, a new feature that allows you to share files between devices with the OneDrive integration.

We don’t know when the improvements will be available to users in the Canary branch of Windows.


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