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Home News The latest innovations in Cleanroom Technology will be on display in 2022 at the ISPE Annual Meeting

The latest innovations in Cleanroom Technology will be on display in 2022 at the ISPE Annual Meeting

The latest innovations in Cleanroom Technology will be on display in 2022 at the ISPE Annual Meeting

The pharmaceutical industry’s thought-leaders as well as innovators will meet at Orlando, Florida for The 2022 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo, and the team at Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) is honored to participate at this important and must-attend event.

“The pandemic has forced organizations to simplify their operations and look for any possible way to be more efficient and leaner. This has led to a massive digital adoption as well as a new commitment to the sustainability of their operations,” said Aaron Styles, chief responsible officer (CEO) for ESC.

“This is why we’re witnessing an increasing demands for solutions like the Industries 4.0 SmartHEPA fan filter modules that utilize 99.995 percent HEPA Filters. They’re also great for installations in cramped spaces, two” of space above the cleaners room.”

In 2022, the ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo is taking place in Orlando, FL and virtually between October 30th and November 2nd. The conference will provide an extensive educational program that provides the attendees with excellent technical training that cover the most recent developments in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals as well as, perhaps most significantly, the digital transformation.

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The conference this year will include:

  • More than 200 exhibitor
  • More than 100 speakers
  • More than 30 keynotes and concurrent sessions
  • Four in-depth workshops
  • 3 training courses
  • 18plus hours of networking, and special events

“The discussions that happen at these conferences are crucial to the industry. There is no doubt about it; those who attend are the ones who drive the entire pharma industry forward in the coming months,” said Vern Solomon, Founder & Innovation at ESC.

“The people we see often want to discuss their latest compliance issues. We are looking forward to talking with them about our cleanroom wall systems ALUMA1. It is in compliance with the regulations from any authority for design, such as ISO or any regulators for GMP , like US FDA, Health Canada and the EU.”

latest innovations in Cleanroom Technology will be on display in 2022

In the meantime the supply chain issues that are still affecting the pharma industry will be the subject of discussion. ESC will help you simplify the cleanroom design process (either a new construction or retrofit) through providing access to an ESC Team of Teams and a single entity that will help you with your project from beginning to finish, with clear communications at every stage. In a market that is constantly changing that is a mess from price to the supply chain – continuous and open communication is crucial.

If you’re going to this year’s show, make sure you stop by ESC’s booth on booth 1226.

In 2022, the ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo will usher in a renewed focus on quality, innovation and harmonization of manufacturing and science of pharmaceuticals all over the world, giving pharmaceutical professionals the chance to participate in discussions that are crucial for the industry.

A full-time education program will provide participants with technical seminars that cover the most recent developments in supply chain operations facilities, equipment information systems and product development manufacturing systems, quality systems guidelines for regulation and cutting-edge technological advancements in the industry.

About Environmental Systems Corporation

ESC offers an integrated approach to Cleanrooms that will help your company grow in the years to come. No matter if you require a complete staff or an all-in-one partner ESC will be able to provide the best solution to your Critical Environment.

There is more to it than an already-designed or catalog Cleanroom. We understand that you need to know that your Cleanroom or critical Environment is the best environment for your business to expand and be a leader in your field. To achieve that, you require a team of experts who will help in identifying, diagnosing and Design, Create and provide the best quality, high-end environment that matches your business’s goals and future.

This is why, for more than 40 years, we’ve assisted thousands of customers just like you across over 20 sectors choose the best Critical Environment solution to confidently achieve their goals by utilizing three vertically connected three pillars.

Cleanrooms: Working together with architects and engineering teams We design and create processes-specific layouts that are suitable for the Critical Environment and bring them to life by using the ALUMA1 ceiling and wall systems.

Critical Environment HVAC Our team of highly skilled technicians and mechanical engineers create customized HVAC systems to fulfill your Critical Environment needs.

Integrity: The team at our disposal incorporates the SMART technology to ensure you’re in complete charge of the Critical Environment with clear historical reportage.


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