McCarthy is facing backlash on MAGA Subcommittee Selections

House Speaker House Kevin McCarthy has been in the news for his announcement of the appointment from MAGA Republicans as members of House specific subcommittees investigating COVID-19 as well as the “weaponization of the government.”

McCarthy on Tuesday said that a new panel investigating the source of the epidemic would comprise Republicans including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose personal Twitter account was removed because of spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19 and vaccines prior to being allowed to return on the platform under Elon Musk.

McCarthy is facing backlash on MAGA Subcommittee Selections

The COVID-19 committee, which McCarthy stated in the statement that it will “finally find answers about the Covid causes and the federal government’s gains of function research that led to the spread of the disease,” will also include Texas congressman and former White House physician Ronny Jackson who had previously said it was possible that the Omicron variation could be an elaborate ploy from Democrats.

McCarthy stated that the weaponization of the Federal Government subcommittee was needed due to the fact that the President Joe Biden‘s administration as well as Democrats within Congress have created the “dangerous way for the government to be employing its resources to target opposition politicians while they omitted their most fundamental responsibilities.”

The panel for weaponization is headed by Rep. Jim Jordan. Others Republican panel members are Representatives Darrel Issa Elise Stefanik, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy and Harriet Hageman who re-emerged as Liz Cheney last year in Wyoming by gaining the endorsement of the former president Donald Trump.

Some critics of McCarthy criticize McCarthy House Speaker on Twitter for deciding to pick Greene and Jackson for the COVID-19 Panel. His selection of MAGA-friendly members for the subcommittee on government weaponization were also criticized, as was the COVID-19 panel was seen as untruthful by certain.

“The Weaponization’ of the Government Committee (a hilarious name) is set to become the new House of UnAmerican Activities committee–a body that develops instead of investigates conspiracy theories , and is likely to eventually weaken itself,” Richard Stengel, an ex-official of former President Barack Obama‘s administration, tweeted.


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