Judge denies bond reductions in murder case

The judge Mark Lawson declined to lower the bond amount of a million dollars for Christopher Eugene Prichard, the Bellevue man accused of robbery and murder in the murder of his ex-wife Angela Prichard at Mississippi Ridge Kennels October. 8.

In refusing to reduce Prichard’s bail, Lawson pointed to Prichard’s inability to appear for court prior to Angela Prichard’s murder for the “relatively simple” crime of not complying with the no-contact rule in the relationship between Christopher as well as Angela. “That raises a lot of anxiety that he wouldn’t show up for court when facing Class A and Class B criminal charges,” Lawson said.

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Prichard is accused of first-degree murder, a Class-A criminal offense that comes with an imposed minimum sentence of life. Prichard is also accused of first-degree robbery. It can result in a potential penalty of 25 years of prison.

In the prison, Prichard addressed Lawson. “I’d like to see my bond reduced in order that I can leave and put my money in order, and help my children out of the mess I’ve made assist my mother-in-law–my mom is turning 80, so help her to get her things in order finance, finances, and all that,” he said. “I will not leave. I swear to the world that.”

Judge denies bond reductions in murder case

Lawson decided not to believe Prichard as he said. “He was in hiding for an hour or so following this incident,” Lawson said of Prichard. “That could indicate to me the possibility of taking flight.”

Law enforcement officials discovered Angela Prichard deceased after receiving a 911 phone call from the kennels around 7.50 a.m. October. 8. Christopher Prichard was taken into custody around 12:30 a.m. Oct. 9.

The couple who had a rift were the proprietors of the dog kennel. Christopher admitted to fighting with Angela about the business and the no-contact orders and then shooting her with the 20-gauge shotgun.

A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for 10:00 a.m. December. 2. The trial date has not been fixed for the trial.


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