Israel’s Ben Gurion airport halts departures as part of strike action

As part of the ongoing strike action, departures at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport have been halted.
From Michael Schwartz and Hadas Gold in Jerusalem and Elliott Gotkine, a journalist, at Ben Gurion Airport:

As part of a strike that is putting more pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s primary airport, Ben Gurion Tel Aviv, said on Monday that it will immediately stop all aircraft departing the airport.

According to Ofer Lefler, a spokesperson for the Israel Airports Authority, flights departing the airport will be halted immediately, but inbound flights will continue to land as scheduled.

According to Lefler, the airport was planned for approximately 70,000 people on Monday, with approximately half departing and the other half arriving.

At the airport, the departure time for the flight that was booked for the journalist Elliott Gotkine was 11:30 local hours (4:30 a.m. ET). He stated that the boarding procedure for his flight was unexpectedly halted at some point.


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