Is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix in 2022?

Black Mirror, the popular thriller science fiction is again the talk of the town. Fans wonder, Is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix in 2022?

Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix
Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix

We had the last episode of Black mirror more than 2 years back. Science fiction fans are wondering if there is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix in 2022.

Is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix?

There is no official declaration from the creator side or the production side regarding this. It seems like that the series is highly unlikely to return for season 6, but fans of the show do have some good news. 

The creators of Black Mirror are working exclusively with Netflix and a USS Callister spin-off is heavily rumored to be in development. 

In an interview in 2020 with RadioTimes.Com, the director Charlie Brooker said that he was not sure if the audience would want the next season.

 He believed that people’s appetite for new seasons would be low amid the pandemic. He also added that he is more interested in working on comical series. 

At the same time, there is no official confirmation saying that Season 6 stands cancelled.

Therefore we can assume there can be a Season 6 but it may take more than usual time. There are some other controversies causing uncertainty.

Black Mirror – Plot

Black Mirror is an anthology, which means that every episode is its own separate story. The stories in the black mirror are usually extreme situations. Each episode examines a worst-case scenario and deals with technology and abuse of some of it.

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It also takes things from real life and amplifies them. Rather than just saying a story, it makes the viewers think about the situations they are portraying. 

The main characters in the black mirror stories are ordinary people with humane nature. Some of the episodes are disturbing and most of them will stay with you long after you watch them. Regardless of the subject matter, each episode is a showcase of beautiful filmmaking. Each episode is done in a unique style, with great performance and excellent visuals.

Black Mirror – Seasons

It was created by Charlie Brooker. As of now, there are 5 seasons and 22 episodes. Most of them are written by Charlie Brooker himself with heavy involvement from the executive producer of the series Annabel Jones

The first two seasons aired on British network Channel 4. The program further moved to Netflix. The last season was aired in 2019. The last season comprised only 3 episodes. It had ended quite lucidly and was also open-ended.

Out of the whole season’s fan base was more for the first and second parts. Each episode is so independent and there aren’t many common characteristics. But many people see the show as a critique of technology.

The enemy always looks like technology because it’s always present for those signature jaws dropping Black Mirror moments. But its purpose is only to emphasize the characters and their actions.

For example, In White Christmas, Joe discovers Beth is always pregnant, the two get in a fight and Beth uses her digital eyepiece to permanently block him in real life. After years of desperation, Joe catches the first glance of his daughter and it all becomes clear; Beth used this feature to hide her infidelity; it isn’t his child. Horrifying as this technology is, it’s only a vehicle for the thoughts and desires of the characters themselves.

If you’re an avid fan of sci-fi shows in 2022, you must be waiting for Is Black Mirror Season 6 Coming to Netflix. Let’s wait, fingers crossed.