Iran Will Sell Hundreds of Ballistic Missiles to Russia

Iran Will Sell Hundreds of Ballistic Missiles to Russia.

US Ambassador for the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield has warned of the continued existence of the cooperation in the field of arms between Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia.

Thomas Greenfield emphasized Friday that the United States warned the UN Security Council in the past about the possibility that Iran as well as the DPRK had plans to transfer prohibited materials to Russia.

“Since august, Iran is transferring several hundred UAVs to Russia which is in direct contradiction to UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

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Russia uses UAVs from Iran to attack the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, depriving hundreds of millions of Ukrainian civilians of heat, electricity and essential services during winter. People living in Ukraine today suffer and die as a result of Iran’s assistance,” she stressed.

“We believe that Iran is currently considering the selling several hundred ballistic missiles to Russia as well as in contravention of the Council resolutions. We call on Iran to reconsider its decision and avoid taking these actions. We urge everyone who is in favor of peace to ask Iran to follow suit,” added Greenfield.

The American ambassador also asked the world community to press Iran to cease its support for Russia.

Ukraine declares that Iran has sent more than 1,700 drones to Russia with hundreds of which were used to target infrastructure used by civilians, such as the electricity grid of the country as well as residential areas.

Iran Will Sell Hundreds of Ballistic Missiles to Russia

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky recently announced days in recent weeks that Russia has received more than 250 additional drones from Iran.

Iran has denied that it supplied weapons to Russia for its war with Ukraine however, Foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian following earlier denials admitted in the beginning of November that Tehran provided drones to Moscow “months prior to” in the Ukraine war. It’s unclear if they were actually used during the war.


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