How to Fix a Vizio TV with No Sound

Envision watching your #1 TV program without sound or having the option to change the sound to your ideal taste. We can both concur that it’s a horrendous encounter. TVs can foster issues like this, and the Vizio TV with no sound is also a very common issue among Vizio TV users. Here we will be discussing the solutions to this problem.

Why There Is An Issue With Vizio TV With No Sound?

Vizio TV with no sound

There are a few justifications for why you may not hear sounds on your Vizio TV. Some of which are;

  • The mute volume.
  • There is an issue with the input work
  • Bad link wiring
  • Outdated software.
  • Equipment/hardware problems or issues

How to Fix a Vizio TV With No Sound Problem?

Here are a few of the solutions which will help in resolving the Vizio TV with no sound issue:

Vizio TV with no sound

  1. Ensure your remote is working

In the event that the remote isn’t working accurately, you could expect there’s an issue with the TV. The TV might be great, however the remote isn’t. It’s ideal to check to assume your remote is causing the issue by turning on your TV and squeezing the far-off volume capacities. In the event that it isn’t working, now is the right time to get another Vizio remote.

  1. Ensure that the TV volume settings aren’t mute

Take a look at your sound settings to check whether mute is ON, as it’s not then follow the next solution.

Vizio TV with no sound

  1. In the event that the TV volume is set to nothing or muffled, ensure it isn’t

Following affirmation that the TV isn’t mute, you should guarantee that the volume is changed over zero on the TV. Assuming the TV volume has been expanded, and there is still no sound reaction, continue to the accompanying solution.

  1. Guarantee that the HDMI link is working accurately

The utilization of a wrecked HDMI link might be at fault for Vizio TV with no sound, TV is showing video but no sound when associated with an outer gadget through an HDMI association. To get the signs from these peripherals, an HDMI link is required. Video and sound codlings are utilized to send these signs. Sound encoding issues could lead a TV to neglect to play any sound whatsoever. It’s conceivable that the link is to be faulted as opposed to the TV. To decide whether the HDMI link has an issue take a stab at utilizing another link.

Vizio TV with no sound

  1. Confirm that the volume on the Satellite Box is not mute or zero

In the event that you’re utilizing a link or satellite box, check to assume the volume is set higher than zero in the point of interaction settings. For this situation, your link box gives the video and sound signals that are therefore sent through the TV, which might seem uncommon assuming you are new to TV settings. Whenever your link box’s volume control is set to nothing, the link box tells your TV will not play sound.

  1. Check SAP or MTS is empowered on your TV

SAP represents Secondary Audio Programming. You can stand by listening to the transmission in a language other than the first by utilizing SAP, a subsequent sound stream involves a TV program.

You can rapidly switch off SAP on the off chance that you like to pay attention to the show in its unique language. Famous names for the TV sound menus incorporate:

  •       SAP,
  •       AUDIO SELECT,
  •       B-AUDIO,
  •       MTS,
  •       MS, or MENU.

Begin your Vizio TV with the “Menu” button. Pick “Sound” from your rundown of potential decisions. Then, at that point, select the SAP choice (it very well might be named “MS”), then continue. You can switch off the “On” setting. You might need to choose “Sound system/Stereo” or “Mono” from the menu, one of the same will be the SAP.

  1. Check to assume that the earphone jack has been left connected

Strange as that appears, we’ll talk about it since it’s conceivable. Guarantee that no earphones are connected to the port on the TV’s earphone jack. While utilizing your TV, you might have coincidentally abandoned an earphone connected. Since sound signs are just being sent to the headset through this association, your TV’s sound framework is impaired. Cautiously, turn off your headsets and retest the sound on the TV.

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Use the above solutions which are very easy to follow to fix the Vizio TV with no sound issue for your TV. It will help in providing you with the ultimate TV experience too. In case nothing of such fixes works for you and it is a hardware issue then contact the Vizio customer support for fixing an appointment with the Vizio technical support.