Insecure Fast-Forwards through Life in its Series Finale

About the Series “Insecure” Series like “Insecure” can strive to emerge with important finals because after all is said and done, life goes on. However, the HBO comedy-drama’s ultimate episode somehow created something worth reminiscing, told by the line when the main character says, “I just wanna fast-forward to the part of my life where everything’s OK.”

Finale Storyline 

The extra-long finale then developed to importantly do that. After Issa and Nathan’s breakup and the uneven, more than expected way that eventually led her back to Lawrence, which had always been predetermined, in spite of all the difficulties – individually and together- that the duo solved along the way.

'Insecure' fast-forwards
‘Insecure’ fast-forwards

Obviously, there was much more to it than that, and other things to get done. Issa’s best friend Molly, after her own sequence of good-and-bad relationships, in the end, married Taurean, after a bittersweet path to that consequence with the loss of her mother.

There was another sad moment at the wedding, when Issa worries about whether their bond would make it through the change in Molly’s status, a normal concern as people experience their friends taking such steps in their 20s and 30s.

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“There goes my girl”, Issa ponders. But as the ending showed, not to worry: As the show ended, they were on the phone again – even after being thousands of miles away – a sign that wherever they might be, the friendship will survive. As CNN’s Lisa France mentioned, despite the attention on Issa’s romantic complications, “for me, her true loves will always remain her closest friends- Molly, Kelli, and Tiffany.”

What to Understand from the Series?

“Insecure” functioned on two levels, focusing on the particular challenges faced by its characters while showing an image of Black life too rarely seen on television through the years.

Eric Deggans from NPR noted when the show started five years back, Rae expected it to be defined in part by just how unremarkable it was. “Isn’t it sad that it’s revolutionary? We don’t get to just have a show about regular Black people being basic.”, Rae said that time. Earlier this year Rae also spoke about the recognized pressure to include White characters in order to make TV shows featuring Black central characters more associated with a broader audience, advice which she later resisted.

Overall Opinions about the Show

The outcome of those efforts was a finale that manages to be rightly low key and still content, more like a season marked by college reunions, breakups, loss, and career decisions, through the prism of characters the audience had come to know for all their idiosyncrasies and, of course, insecurities. Issa at one point during the finale says, “People come into your life for a reason.” TV shows come to life for all sorts of reasons, but generally, it’s the minute details that keep them lively. In that aspect, “Insecure” gave the last illustration of having mastered the basics of being, well, basic.

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