CurlMix Net Worth 2022: Where Is CurlMix Located?

At the point when Kimberly and Timothy Lewis began CurlMix in 2015, they needed to make natural hair care items more available to ladies with wavy hair. Today, CurlMix brags a full line of hand-tailored and natural shampoos, conditioners, creams, and serums that they sell basically on their site. The CurlMix net worth is recorded at $12 million.

How did CurlMix Begin?

The couple Kim and Tim Lewis bootstrapped the business, transforming pervasive hair care fixing into a characteristic hair item that made it ready for a multi-million excellence business taking care of ladies with normally curly or wavy hair. Tim Lewis, the husband won $100,000 from the show who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This bonus incited Kim to leave her work and to zero in on building “Natural Hair Academy” out of the award cash.

CurlMix net worth
CurlMix net worth

This absolute first endeavor called “Natural Hair Academy” was a web-based entertainment network that designated ladies with wavy hair and examined normal hair care. Tragically, the endeavor was not extremely effective however it had fascinating starting points that filled in as the ancestor for CurlMix.

Not long after “Regular Hair Academy”, Kim started dealing with CurlMix. At first, CurlMix was a membership box containing regular hair care items for wavy hair. Be that as it may, months into the business, deals were still low and edges in the membership box business were declining. They had a light second subsequent to conversing with a capital advisor who asked the couple about their most selling product.

CurlMix Shark Tank Story

In Shark Tank Season 10 show, the CurlMix pioneers showed up and dazzled the sharks in the tank. Alli Webb, CEO of salon chain Drybar, came in for that specific episode. Tim and Kim’s underlying request was $400,000 for a 10% proprietorship from the business CurlMix. This gives a valuation of $4 million for their business which, they said, depended on their business gauge of more than $1 million for 2019. They came to the show while valuating their business as the best. But they did not accept the Robert Herjavec’s $400,000 offer that the Shark proposed to them

What has been Going on with CurlMix after Shark Tank?

CurlMix net worth
CurlMix net worth

Regardless of dismissing the $400,000 offer from Shark Herjavec, the interest in their business was supported. This is one more illustration of the “Shark Tank impact” wherein their appearance on Shark Tank impelled the business to the powerful regardless of whether they secured any arrangement with the Sharks.

Days after the Shark Tank episode circulated in March 2019, an undisclosed sum was contributed by funding firm Next Play Ventures. CurlMix was likewise named as a finalist for the “Pitch to Win” challenge for a $100,000 subsidizing award.

What is CurlMix’s Net worth?

After the Shark Tank, CurlMix effectively got and gotten $1.2 million from the pioneer and Executive Chairman of LinkedIn himself, Jeff Weiner. This puts the complete total assets of CurlMix at a $12 million valuation, as per the Black Enterprise. As per the organization, CurlMix has previously served more than 200,000 clients to date. It puts a surmised moderate gauge of no less than $6 million in absolute deals over the most recent three years, currently 50% of the $12 million valuations for the CurlMix.

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Is CurlMix Still in Business Today?

CurlMix net worth
CurlMix net worth

Most certainly, they are still in business and are flourishing. As of now, CurlMix has added more than thirty workers and served north of 200,000 clients over the most recent 3 years, as per the organization. Besides their appearance on Shark Tank, they were additionally highlighted in other conspicuous component records like Forbes 30 Under 30 and Crain’s 20 in their 20’s.

They keep on being dynamic via web-based entertainment and posts about normal hair care cycles and updates on the business, as well as an insider thorough search in their assembling cycle. They as of late took part in a web-based crusade advancing organizations that were made by minorities as a component of their help for the #BlackLivesMatter crusade against prejudice.


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