Illinois is the latest US state to ban assault weapon use

Illinois is the latest US state to ban assault weapon use.

Assault weapons are prohibited in nine states and D.C.

On Tuesday, Illinois became the latest U.S. State to ban the possession or sale of assault weapons.

The Illinois General Assembly passed the legislation in both chambers. Just hours later, the governor. J.B. Pritzker signed into law the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” during a ceremony at Springfield’s State Capitol. As the governor signed the document, supporters, many of whom had been victims of gun violence, cheered and applauded.

New law prohibits assault weapons including semi-automatic firearms.

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Pritzker stated Tuesday that he and other leaders from the Illinois General Assembly have been prioritizing getting the most dangerous weapons from our state’s streets for a long time. “Today, in honor of our commitment, we passed one of the strongest assault weapons bans within the country, one that I will be proud to sign.

Washington, D.C., and nine states in the United States now ban the sale or possession of military-style weapons. This is largely due to mass shootings that have occurred in communities.

The ban was issued in Illinois six months after an Illinois gunman with a semiautomatic rifle shot seven people dead at a Fourth of July parade.

Illinois is the latest US state to ban assault weapon use

The governor stated that no Illinoisan should ever have to fear that their loved one might be next in a growing list of victims of mass shootings. “But, too many people have lived in fear for their safety in schools, worship, celebrations, or in their own yards for too long. This legislation will prevent the spread of high-capacity magazines and assault weapons and will make our state safer for everyone.

Pritzker, the Democratic incumbent, defeated Republican challenger state senator Darren Bailey in November and won a second term. He had campaigned for reelection based on the promise to tighter gun laws.

According to the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISLA), the ban will affect nearly 2.5 million lawful firearm owners in Illinois.

In a statement Tuesday, Richard A Pearson, executive director of ISRA, stated that he had accepted the challenge. This was in response to the ban. “The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) will appear in court.”


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