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Mayor Adams would like New Yorkers to be able to judge him on his crimes.

Mayor Adams would like New Yorkers to be able to judge him on his crimes.

Mayor Adams would like New Yorkers to be able to judge him on his crimes.

On a wintery evening, Miraida Gomez saw a routine task go horribly wrong. As she sat next to her infant, she waited at the back of a car while her husband picked up her prescription from an establishment situated on East 198th Street in Bedford Park. She grew up away from Bronx street that was lined with neon-lit storefronts , bodegas on the corner.

The normality of the setting was to soon be forever broken first by gunshots and later by the screams of her daughter Catherine who was just days away from her one-year birthday. A random bullet struck on the right side of her jaw.

Gomez ran from the vehicle. When she cried in pain for assistance, she started performing CPR.

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“I was having an internal dialogue about God,” she later remembered. “If you think you’d like to take her away, I’m all for it. If you don’t want to please help me to keep her in the best possible condition.”

In the hospital the Mayor Eric Adams showed up to show his support and sorrow. Gomez was able to think of just one request. Please pray for us, she suggested.

Like no previous New York City mayor since Rudy Giuliani, Adams has set high expectations regarding the issue of crime. As a former police officer Adams has created an entire campaign out of describing public security as the “prerequisite to prosperity” and has stated that he won’t think of himself as successful “unless everyone in New Yorker feels safe.”

Mayor Adams would like New Yorkers to be able to judge him on his crimes.

In the early days of his term as mayor the mayor has been trying to bring about a change in the city’s approach towards criminality by enhancing policing, having a deputy for public security as the only time for nearly three decades, and taking a the initiative of going to crime scenes, and even visiting subway stations in the evening.

However, as Adams closes out his first year as president The city’s crime statistics for the last 11 months paints the opposite. New York City is facing an economy that is slowing that has been linked to an increase in crimes. The experts in crime are trying to comprehend the consequences of the epidemic in relation to public security.

The issue is how fast, and if, Adams can lower crime and also reduce the fear of New Yorkers in the area.

“The disturbances of 2020 didn’t end on New Year’s Day 2021,” said John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham University who examines crime trends. “That type of disruption lasts for an extended period of time.”

Murders and shootings have decreased however other serious crimes, such as robberies assaults and larceny in the past 11 months. While, polls and interviews with citizens across the city reveal that crime remains a pressing problem.

By Fredric M. Wiseman

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