How to Round Wood Edges without a Router: 3 Best Ways

Learn the measures or different ways we have discussed in detail in the article below on how to round wood edges.

A router isn’t the most costly device accessible; getting one is a cost that a significant number of us could manage without. This is particularly obvious in the event that you are not an expert craftsman or carpenter. Paying $100 for an instrument that you will utilize at regular intervals and for a task that should be possible sensibly and effectively without a router is cash that could be better spent on something different.

So, here we will learn how to round wood edges. So, round wood edges truly do offer an expert completion. Making pieces with wood edges rounded, instead of sharp ones, is more secure for you, your children, and the pets. Painting the edge wood rounded likewise gives a superior and uniform look, and a rounded edge is less inclined to sever or dull in the case, that you drop it or find it.

how to round wood edges-
how to round wood edges-

Whatever strategy you use, whether it is utilizing a hand plane, an etch, sandpaper, or even a router, the point is to make an essential rounded shape to dispose of the sharp edges and afterward to smooth it down to accomplish the completion you need. We should investigate the most suitable options in contrast to rounded wood edges when you end up without a router.

How do round wood edges with the router?

The Hand Plane

The hand plane is the best strategy for making round edges without utilizing a router. One can strip away a ton of waste material in a somewhat brief period. It likewise considers some accuracy work and making a wonderful chamfer can be utilized. Notwithstanding, you will require something beyond a hand plane for this work. You will require sandpaper to guarantee that the wood is smooth once the undertaking is finished.

How to Round Wood Edges
How to Round Wood Edges

The hand plane is the main piece of the smoothing system, and there are a few kinds to browse.

  •       Block Plane – Ideal for meager bits of wood.
  •       Jack Plane – A handyman, ideal for short and long workpieces.
  •       Jointer Plane – Utilized for bigger loads up.
  •       Smoothing Plane – Can be utilized to smooth practically any sort and size of the surface.

In the case, that you have one as of now, you might have the option to utilize your current hand plane to get a completely smooth and rounded wood edge on the next piece.

Slice to 45°

Utilize the arrangement and cut the first chamfer at 45°. One does not require having the strip a large part of the wood away before it will have an effect. Keep peeling the wood off until you have eliminated the vast majority of the waste wood. Round the device as you plan, since this will smooth the corner, as opposed to leaving it with the two edges.

Now, Plane Chamfer Edges

Whenever you’ve made the chamfer edges, now plane the new edges down. This will provide you with the premise of a wood rounded edge, although it will be a few straight edges.

Smoothing the Corners

Get great quality sandpaper and sand the edges made. Attempt to point the sandpaper so it bends around in the shape you need the wood, and afterward, at first focus on the recently honed edges, you have made.

Different Devices

In the case, that one does not have the plane, however, you do have a choice of different devices lying around, and you can utilize one of the accompanying techniques to accomplish a comparative outcome.

Utilizing Chisel

Guarantee that you utilize an exceptionally sharp etch and take as much time as necessary to eliminate the sharp edges of the workpiece, prior to trading over to sandpaper. A chisel will eliminate a great deal of wood yet it isn’t quite as precise as a hand plane. It can give a harsher-looking completion.

Making Round Edges with the file

how to round wood edges-
how to round wood edges-

A wood record isn’t as successful at eliminating huge volumes of wood; however, it is more compelling than even the coarsest sandpaper. To dispose of current sharp edges, without making a chamfer or a rounded edge, a document could be your best methodology. It won’t strip away huge cuts of wood yet it will give you a smooth completion, sooner, contrasted with. Utilizing the sandpaper sheet. Rub the record against the edge, working from one side to the next. As you draw near to the completed shape, utilize the document to eliminate any excess instrument stamps and afterward trade over to sandpaper for the absolute last piece of smoothing.

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Utilizing the Sandpaper

Sandpaper cannot be the best or most productive strategy for eliminating wood; however, it will help in smoothing the sharp rounded wood edges down. Simply realize that it will take more time, the interaction will be a lot slower, and you are probably not going to have the option to strip huge wood rounded edges away rapidly. Utilize a sanding block, sand at a point of 45°, and whenever you have the underlying shape, sand by hand so you can adjust past the brink a bit and get a superior shape to the completion.


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