How To Play Music In Discord, Know the step by step guidance |2022

Discord is gaining the sight of becoming a new popular website among social media sites. It has become quite possibly the most famous social medium destination known for making networks. It permits the clients to speak with one another through various strategies including voice calls, video calls, text, media, and documents. In any case, as of late, the fans have been attempting to sort out ways on “How to Play Music in Discord” and are consequently posing inquiries for this search. Listening to music while utilizing Discord for chatting is the thing that is enjoyed by most users. So let’s dig into the measures of “how to play music in Discord”, there are a couple of ways of getting it going. Follows the measures discussed below.

How to Play Music in Discord- Guide On utilizing a Bot To Play Music In Discord

In the first place, open Discord utilizing your Discord Desktop application or Discord App to start playing music through Discord.

How To Play Music In Discord

In the wake of tapping on the picture/image, the users can add the name, a discretionary image, and the area for the beginning and the same can be changed anytime if required.

How To Play Music In Discord

There are numerous well-known Discord music bots accessible, and the majority of them are free. Before you choose to add music to the discord server, be that as it may, do understand the choices offered which are as follows:


Groovy bot discord server was utilized by many users but now this bot has been shut down due to copyright issues of the same with YouTube. So now this particular bot is not accessible to use.

How To Play Music In Discord


How To Play Music In Discord

Rythm is another popular discord bot available for listening to music and the same is used by over 16 million servers. The steps to play music on the Rythm bot are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to the Discord account.

Step 2: Verify your identity.

Rythm Discord music bot offers extraordinary music encounters to all users. It’s excellent and offers high quality where it’s free.

You will observe some top-notch music includes consistently being improved to guarantee to get the best. Rythm music bot additionally upholds numerous music sources as YouTube, Twitch, and Sound-cloud.

Other Discord Bots

Some other bots to use are Hydra, ProBot, and ZeroTwo which are easily accessible. Notwithstanding, these bots aren’t just centered on giving a music experience yet, in addition, offer different elements. Rythm bot is awesome for music!

Steps to Install Rythm Bot on the System or for Mac Book

For playing music in Discord on systems, you have to install the Rythm bot as:

  • Open the rhythm bot site using any browser and hit the “Invite this Bot” button.

How To Play Music In Discord

  • Now, enter your login details or you can even scan the QR code with your Discord mobile app to log in to the account.

How To Play Music In Discord

  • After signing in to the account, now select on the server which needs to add the Rythm bot. The same bot can be added to multiple servers.
  • Now click on the Authorize button which pops up in a small window option. It will authorize the Bot to add to your selected server.
  • Even ensure to check on the “I’m not a robot” box so that to finalize the same and allows the bot to access the discord server.

Steps for How to Play Music in Discord Utilizing the Rythm Bot for the system or Mac book

After installing the bot as shown above, now learn how to play music in discord with the following steps:

1. Open the discord either by desktop app or through the browser version as you prefer.

2. Now select the server you may wish to add to the Rythm bot from the list of servers accessible on the leftmost side of the Discord screen.

3. Now, Click or select the desired server, click left on the voice channel, which you may want to play your music.

4. Type the ‘!play’ option or command with a space and then add or write the name of the song or artist, you may wish to play, and then click on the Enter.

5. Rythm bot will then search and play the command or song over the music library or YouTube as per your need.

Note: To know more about the typing commands check at the Support > Features in the rhythm to explore the Rythm’s commands and features list.

Steps for How to Play Music in Discord With Rythm Bot on the iPhone (iOS) or Android

Follow the steps below to play songs or music over discord via iPhone or Android smartphones.

How To Play Music In Discord

1. Install the Rhythm as shown above for the smartphones.

2. Open the Discord app on the device and log in to your account.

3. Now, at the top-left screen, check the menu and select the list of servers and choose the one which has been added to the Rythm bot.

4. Now choose the voice channel for the selected server to play the music.

5. Now, type the ‘!play <song or artist>’ command and then search among the Rythm to find the typed music.

Steps for How to Play Music in Discord without utilizing the Bot as with Spotify?

You can also play music without bots by connecting the account of Spotify to Discord. Spotify is an online music platform feature with admittance to great tunes across the globe.

Spotify is one of the famous and premium music streaming stages to appreciate free music and even offline tuning in. Presently, to associate your Spotify to the Discord account, follow the steps below:

  • Open Discord and click on the User Settings which is accessible from the gear-like symbol on the page.
  • Now Look for Connections under the User Settings part and click on to integrate the connection for playing music on Discord.

How To Play Music In Discord

  • Find and simply add the Spotify icon into the “Connect your Accounts” option from where you will be redirected to the login page of Spotify.
  • Enter your Spotify account credentials.
  • Now click agree on the agreement page shown for the connection of Spotify and Discord. Read it and then click on agree.
  • After the same, Connect your Spotify account to Discord notification will pop up on your screen.
  • Now, Now, Go to Discord and verify the Spotify connection.

Note: If you wish to disconnect your Spotify from your Discord account, basically click on the cross imprint – ‘X’ at the upper right corner against your Spotify connection to disconnect.

 How To Play Music In Discord Through A Mic

Most of the users use the discord bots to enjoy music; this isn’t the main way you can play music on Discord. You can also play music via the mic by changing your microphone setting on the system as:

• Open Control Panel in the system.

• Now open the “Hardware and Sound” option

• Then, select or choose the “Manage Audio Devices.”

• Then, select the “Recordings” choices

• Permit the Stereo Mix to Work

• Then, set the same as default mic

Enjoy the chat while playing music via the microphone.

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Here, follow any of the above-discussed measures to play the music in discord and enjoy your favorite tunes while chatting with your friends.