Download a Discord Profile Picture, Know How to get someone’s Discord Profile Picture

Discord is a social networking platform that offers a free chatting platform to users and was initially made for worldwide gamers. It is utilized by millions of individuals all over the globe for gaming and different networks. Each of the discord users has an account and has a profile picture which is called an avatar.

You can see other individuals’ profile pictures by tapping on the profile icons. In any case, the image will be little and discord doesn’t give a choice to save and download a discord profile picture of other users. There are a few different techniques that can be utilized to save and download a discord profile picture. We will discuss the measure for downloading or viewing the profile picture of other users.

Discord figured out how to become one the most well-known stage for gamers to discuss with other users. The development of this social stage came after they reported their association with Xbox and Spotify toward the start of 2018.

Download a discord Profile Picture by utilizing the Inspect Feature

This measure can be utilized without a bot or server. The user can utilize the Inspect feature to further check the HTML code in the discord application. This element makes it more straightforward to get any profile image accessible on discord. You can follow the beneath steps to perceive how the Inspect Element functions:

1. Open the discord application or even open the discord via the browser.

2. Now Open the server or the list of friends and snap on their profile picture icon. Then, tap on “View Profile”.

word image 79

3. Press Ctrl + Shift + I keys from your keyboard to open the Inspect Element segment in discord.

4. Now snap on Select an element icon accessible at the top. Then, at that point, tap on the Profile Picture icon of the user.

Download A Discord Profile Picture

5. Then, in HTML code, extend the class worth to track down the URL of the picture. Copy the same URL of the picture and open the same in the browser.

word image 81

Download A Discord Profile Picture

Open the URL like this to open the Profile picture.

6. Now you can right-click on the picture and pick the “Save Image as” choice to save or download the same.

Download A Discord Profile Picture

7. You can likewise build the size by multiplying the worth in the URL. The default worth will be 128; you can transform it to 256, 512, and 1028 to expand the picture size. Note: The quality relies upon the image uploaded for the profile.

word image 84

Change the size as above shown in the image

8. Now, by default, the image will be downloaded or saved as WebP. You can likewise change/convert the WebP over to PNG if required as the image uploaded for the profile picture is not in WebP format.

Downloading the Profile Picture by utilizing the Discord Bot

One more method for saving somebody’s profile picture is by utilizing the bot. Numerous bots give the avatar element. In this measure, we will utilize the Dyno bot to exhibit getting a profile image of the user. As a matter of course, the image will open via a bot will be 256px.

Note: If you are utilizing some other bot on your server, ensure it has the component for finding the avatar. The particular command to be used for the same bot will be available on the site.

1. Open discord and go to the server, Note: If you are utilizing your server, essentially add the Dyno bot to the server.

2. Now open the “text channel” and type the particular “command” with the username of that particular user you want to download the profile picture.

Download A Discord Profile Picture

Command as “?avtarusername”(any user name as shown above)

3. The profile picture will open and now simply tap on it and afterward “open original” document in the browser.

Download A Discord Profile Picture

4. In the browser, save it by right-tapping on the picture and clicking on the option of “Save Image as”. You can likewise change the size by simply changing the URL

Note: The sizes which will work to change are 128, 256, 512, and 1024.

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5. Now the image will be downloaded and saved as PNG on the system.


Other well-known bots that can be used to download a discord profile picture are:

  • Dank Memer Bot,
  • Kashima Bot,
  • Ayana Bot,
  • Tatsu Bot,
  • Yggdrasil Bot,
  • Mudae Bot, and
  • YAGPDB Bot.

Well, follow the steps above for downloading the image.

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