How to Change Time on Fitbit, Know the step by step guidance

The time on your Fitbit gadget might be off-base after you travel to an alternate time region or when the clock changes to the daylight savings. Generally, Fitbit gadgets are amazingly consistent in showing the time, regardless of assuming you’ve entered an alternate time region, yet that doesn’t mean they’re awesome. With this fast aide, however, we’ll show you how to set and change time on Fitbit. We’ll even let you know how to change time on Fitbit in-between 12-hour and 24-hour design.

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Tragically, the users can’t change the time physically on Fitbit gadgets because the watches sync their times in light of what time region the gadget believes it’s in accentuation on “thinks.” Sometimes this cycle gets screwed up due fundamentally to the dying Fitbit battery issue or other. Assuming your Fitbit is beginning to show some wrong time, there are multiple ways of revising it. Check the best methods to curate for how to change time on Fitbit.

 Measures on “How to change time on Fitbit”

Since your gadget is synced to the Smartphone, which is as of now observing the user time and location zone and then they don’t need to follow such measures but as we said there are times, for instance, when you shift rapidly between various time regions when the Smartphone is off or your Fitbit battery is dying than Fitbit becomes confounded and will not be adjusting the right time across.

1st Measure- Try to Sync your device for changing the time

Getting the time right time may just be an instance of adjusting your Fitbit once more. Do the accompanying:

  • Guarantee your Fitbit is associated with an iOS or Android gadget.
  • Physically sync your Fitbit by pulling down on the screen on the application’s dashboard.

2nd Measure: Try changing the time manually

  • Make a beeline for the Fitbit application and snap the Account symbol in the top corner. Assuming you’re on a PC, click the Settings symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Look down to App Settings and afterward Time Zone. Assuming you’re on the PC, essentially look down to Settings and snap.

Change Time on Fitbit

  • In the event that Set Automatically is on, have a go at flipping it now and again, then, at that point, sync.
  • In the case, that this doesn’t work, attempt physically establishing the time zone by turning the automatic time region following off and picking a city in the time region. On PC, look to the lower part of the Personal Info page and adjust your time zone.
  • Whenever you’ve rolled out the changes, force sync by going to the primary application dashboard by refreshing it once. To do this on PC, click the Fitbit Connect symbol and snap on the Sync Now.

3rd Measure: Updating your Fitbit

Change Time on Fitbit

First of all, ensure that your Fitbit device and Fitbit app are updated with the recent updates. To start with, charge the Fitbit with its charger and open the application. In the event that the application should be refreshed, it will tell you after launching. Update the gadget as:

  • Open the account, it resembles a square with text lines in it, and select the Fitbit gadget.
  • After picking the right gadget, search for a pink Update, in some cases Update Tracker bar. Assuming there’s no button, the device is already fully updated.

If you need to update then select the update and such updates will fix time blunders after resetting the Fitbit, so it’s a great way of managing the issue easily and also updates your device and it will take around an hour for an update to finish.

4th Measure: Changing the time zone

If updating the device and other measures didn’t fix the wrong time, then, at that point, you’ll have to ensure its time region setting is right. This is the way to make it happen.

  • Open your Fitbit application from the proper gadget.
  • Choose the Account symbol from the Fitbit application home screen. This is situated in the top menu and resembles a square air pocket with lines looking like a section of text.

Change Time on Fitbit

  • Make sure you have the right gadget, even, search for the tab that peruses Advanced Settings and choose it.
  • If you’re utilizing the application on an Android or iOS gadget, you want to switch off the automatic time feature; this might be the base of your issue.

• For iOS, search for Time Zone where you can turn off the Set Automatically.

• For the Android, check the Automatic time region choice that should be switched off. In the event that you’re in Windows 10 or Fitbit’s online dashboard, you probably won’t have to do this.

  • Now with the Advanced Settings and search for a choice as Time Zone or Select time region, at that point, pick that choice. This permits you to choose the right time region from a rundown.

Change Time on Fitbit

  • Now, Navigate back to the Account window. Search for the choice that says Sync Now and then choose the same. Now the Fitbit gadget is synced and must be showing the right time.

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5th Measure: Try changing the time formats between 12-hour and 24-hour clock formats

Lean toward military time as you can alter your application to utilize the 12-hour or 24-hour design. Here is an aide.

  • Fitbit leans towards you do this from the Fitbit online dashboard. Sign in and select the gear-formed symbol to begin.
  • Choose the Settings and select the option “Personal Info”.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings and search for Clock Display Time.
  • Under the clock display time heading, check for the 12-or 24-hour units. Select the one you want and click Enter or Submit to apply the changes to the device.


Fix the time error issue of your Fitbit watch by trying these easy-to-apply measures which we have discussed above.