How To Change Textnow Number- Latest Updated Bulletin 2022

Not a great explanation you need to change your Textnow Number and search for How To Change Textnow Number? Then follow this guide for the details on the procedure for changing your Textnow number.

Well, one can change the Textnow number using the Textmobile app in the timespan of fifteen days. Once you change the number then you cannot use the last number and cannot be able to retrieve the same.

Note: Changing the Textnow individual or official number is simply not done utilizing the  Desktop.

How To Change Textnow Number?

How To Change Textnow Number

Follow the below steps on How To Change Textnow Number:

  •   Start by opening the Textnow mobile app on the mobile (iPhone or Android) phone.
  •   Click on the top left sidebar option which looks like Hamburger Menu.
  •   Now, go to the Account Settings and choose the  My Profile option.
  •   In the account setting option click on the Textnow Number.
  •       Then snap on the “Get a New Phone Number” option to change the number.
  •       Adhere to the further guidelines appropriately, to have the new Textnow number.

You can likewise change the data like email address, an account password, and profile subtleties following the above careful advances.

Can Someone Have Multiple Textnow Numbers?

How To Change Textnow Number

Indeed, One may have various Textnow telephone numbers with discrete accounts with remarkable and different login IDs. Nonetheless, you can’t make more than one doled-out number for each record.

You can change the Textnow number at regular intervals by following the steps listed above.

The application permits the Police to follow Textnow telephone numbers at whatever point expected to examine any crook or fraud activities. Along these lines, changing the Textnow number won’t work assuming you utilize the Textnow Phone Number for any dubious things. Police can without much of a stretch follow Textnow history.

How To Change Textnow Number

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Final words

In short, you can follow the means referenced above to figure out How To Change Textnow Number. For any error, you can contact their client assistance.


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