How to Delete Poshmark Account Latest Updated Bulletin 2022

Deleting a Poshmark account is fairly similar on both the mobile app and the web. Here’s how to do both.

Poshmark is an e-business commercial center where clients can trade their new, used, vintage apparel and accessories from people and shops. Poshmark highlights a huge number of vendors, and many classes relying upon apparel styles, designs, and designers.

Many Poshmark users usually search about How to delete a Poshmark account online, in order to delete the account make certain to initially reclaim any remaining deal adjust assuming you’ve as of late sold things on the application. Poshmark says it can’t handle a cancellation assuming there are any forthcoming exchanges or redeemable equilibrium’s. Upon account deletion, any postings you have for you will likewise at this point not be accessible, nor will any saved things from different wardrobes.

Here we will discuss the method for How to delete the Poshmark account from the web or mobile application below.

Reason for Deleting the Poshmark Account

How to delete a Poshmark account

Before knowing How to delete a Poshmark account we will discuss the reasons why might someone require to delete your Poshmark account. These include:

• Taken /shared or stolen personal data

• Limitations or restrictions to post or postings.

• Less traffic of purchasers

Besides, the purchasers have now moved to Instagram and Pinterest to stay aware of the patterns and design. Nobody needs to keep an additional application for design or style until they are truly into it.

Assuming one may need to delete the Poshmark account, you don’t have to contact the client assistance group. Follow the means listed below.

How to Delete the Poshmark Account From the Desktop or Web?

How To Delete Poshmark Account FILEminimizer

The first thing to be aware of for the Poshmark dealers prior to erasing their record is in the event that they have as of late sold a thing here, they should recover the O/S balance from the website. It as a rule requires fourteen days to delete the Poshmark account. For good measure, if that doesn’t occur, you can connect with the Poshmark client service for help.

Follow this bit by bit manual for the method of How to delete a Poshmark account:

Stage 1: Log in to the Poshmark account and Go to the account tab option

The initial step is to sign in to your Poshmark record and make a beeline for the settings. On the upper right corner, click on the initials or profile, and from the drop-down menu click or select the ‘account settings.’

Stage 2: Manage Account Status

How to delete a Poshmark account
How to delete a Poshmark account

Prior to erasing the account, make a point to check for any forthcoming orders, and balances to be redeemed from the account. Erasing the payment method and some other information is better. Then, click on the Manage Account status accessible from the dashboard’s left-hand side.

Stage 3: Confirm the account deletion process

Under Manage account status, click on the ‘Erase/delete My Account’ choice to continue with deleting the account.

You will get a mail with a 6-digit check code for account cancellation. Enter this code and snap-on ‘Done’. Poshmark normally asks the justification behind leaving. In this way, you can pick any choice that you need and continue further.

How to delete a Poshmark account
How to delete a Poshmark account

At last, a popup message will seem to request deletion affirmation. When the account is deleted you will get the deletion email from the Poshmark confirming that you want to delete the Poshmark account?

How to Delete the Poshmark Account From the Android Devices?

In case you have deleted your Poshmark app from the android device doesn’t imply that the account is closed or deleted. You have to follow the procedure to delete the account from the android gadget.

Start the Poshmark app on the device. Normally, you could have signed in before so you don’t have to rehash that.

In case, that you are not signed in to the same then sign in utilizing your login credentials.

• Click on the Account tab to open your profile settings.

• Under account, tap on Poshmark support focus.

• Under the help community, click on the Manage account status.

How to delete a Poshmark account
How to delete a Poshmark account
  • Then click on the ‘Delete my account’ choice and proceed with your account deletion procedure.
How to delete a Poshmark account
How to delete a Poshmark account

• Very much another method, you need to enter the verification code for confirming the account deletion. You will get this code on your email or telephone number.

• Poshmark ordinarily asks the justification behind leaving. Along these lines, you can pick any choice that you need and continue further. At long last, a popup message will seem to request cancellation affirmation. Select ‘Yes’ to affirm account cancellation.

• On account cancellation, you will be naturally logged out of the application.

How to Delete the Poshmark Account From the Apple or iPhone Devices?

How to delete a Poshmark account

There is no distinction in the means associated with Poshmark account erasure for iPhone and Android. Follow the means that were shared for deleting the account for all the apple devices.

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Final Words

Poshmark has made selling and purchasing on the web such a great deal easier and more accessible. The application is easy to use, yet you must be exceptionally cautious about the well-being measures prior to utilizing Poshmark. For example, don’t trust the strangers on the app without confirming the payment details to safeguard your account from any type of spam or scam online.