Hitman wanted in connection with murder Homicide suspects nabbed from the vessel of a sea

Hitman wanted in connection with murder Homicide suspects

A HITMAN and the leader of a drug gang sought for murder as well as homicide, was detained in a passenger sea vessel headed to Mindanao on Thursday on November 3, 2022.

Arrested through two separate arrest warrants included Argie Codera abella 37 from Sitio Tarcom in Upper Laguerta, Barangay Busay, Cebu City, who has been deemed to be the 2nd most wanted suspect within Central Visayas.

The arrest was carried out inside the passenger vessel of Pier 1, Barangay San Roque, Cebu City by employees who are part of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Cebu City Field Unit headed by police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Korret at 9:27 p.m. Wednesday 3rd of November, 2022.

An arrest warrant for Abella as a murder suspect was issued by the judge Ma. Lynna Pacamalan Adviento of the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 58, Cebu City dated 10 March 2022. There has been no bail recommended to secure his temporary liberty.

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The warrants were issued again from the judge Ricky Jones Macabaya of RTC Branch 5 The warrant was issued this one for homicide. The judge recommended a bail amount of P120,000 to allow Abella’s temporary release.

Korret stated that Abella is part of a gang of criminals who are involved in gun running as well as robbery-holdup, and the illegal drug trafficking throughout Cebu City and nearby areas in Cebu Province.

The arrest was made following the CIDG discovering that Abella was preparing to leave Cebu and prompted the authorities to conduct a search operation.

The operation was led by the CIDG in conjunction with Cebu City Mobile Force Company, Mabolo Police Station, Regional Intelligence Unit 7, Cebu Port Authority Police and Philippine Coast Guard.

Hitman wanted in connection with murder Homicide suspects

Detective Colonel Peter Miguel Tagtag Jr. Chief of the CIDG Central Visayas, told the media that Abella was using a different name when he boarded the vessel for passengers according to the manifest that was obtained by the agency.

“Based on an evaluation of intelligence natin at sa study, this person is regarded as the top wanted individual in the area. Ngayon lang na tambahan. Actually, pasaka na sa barko ito pero nahabol pa natin,” said Tagtag.

(Based on the assessment and intelligence report ), Abella is regarded as to be one of the most sought-after individuals within the area. Abella was about to embark the vessel, but we were able to stop the pirate.)

The CIDG personnel arrested the suspect within the vessel.

Abella’s group is believed to be responsible for the robbery holdups in Metro Cebu However, the group changed to promoting illegal firearms and drugs.

It was believed to be associated with the incident which occurred within Sitio Tarcom in Barangay Busay on the 23rd of June on the 23rd of June, 2019.

An investigation conducted through the Mabolo Police Station revealed that Abella’s group fought against Ernesto Salvador Pohinio, 32, who lives in Sitio Tarcom, and an additional victim Juniel Lala Codera who was 28, arrived settle the two parties fighting on the 23rd of June on the 23rd of June, 2019.

The suspect, Junard Llamado (44) was armed and fired Pocinio 3 times. Abella took guns from Llamado and fired Codera, who was his friend.

Pohinio as well as Codera were transported into the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center however they were declared dead upon arrival because of multiple gunshot wounds on their bodies.

Llamado and Abella Llamado and Abella the two brothers of the latter, Arnel and Teldo, and Rotchel Daan, were all accused of murder in connection with the incident.

Five of them were identified as part of the Abella Criminal Gang who had been hiding in Sitio Tarcom. The residents of the Sitio were reported to be scared of the group because of the fact that they were part of that criminal organization.

The Abella group is also believed to be the culprit behind the killing of a female alleged asset at Mabolo Police Station. Mabolo Police Station.

Cebu City Police Office Chief Police Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog said with the arrest of Abella Thursday, a lot of investigations will soon be resolved and he stressed that, based on information they gathered that the group was involved in numerous shoot-outs within Barangay Busay involving police assets.

“Sa maong pagka dakop, daghang kaso ang masulbad ani labi natong mga pusil sa area sa Mabolo Police Station,” said Dalogdog.

(The arrest could help in solving particularly shooting cases that are in Mabolo Police Station. Mabolo Police Station.)

The CIDG confirmed that Abella embarked on the ship heading to Mindanao on Thursday, allegedly to purchase a stash of illicit drugs.

It also stated that Abella could get rid of five kilograms of shabu each month. It was also reported that he was the main supplier for illegal drug users who were operating within Barangay Apas, Lahug and Duljo Fatima in Cebu City.

The drug dealers were also employed to smear people who did not pay for illegal drugs. They were secluded at Sitio Tarcom following the operation according to the CIDG.


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