Memphis Police Department fires 5 officers who were involved in Tyre Nichols’ arrest prior to his death three days later

Five police officers from The Memphis Police Department were fired after over-restraint and for breaking other police policies The department made the announcement on Friday.

Memphis Police Department fires 5 officers who were involved in Tyre Nichols' arrest prior to his death three days later

Officers Tadarrius bean, Demetrius Haley Emmitt Martin III Desmond Mills Jr. and Justin Smith were terminated following an internal review of their administrative records department announced in a statement.

In addition to the excessive use of force, the officers also infringed on officers’duty to intervene and to aid in the detention of Tyre Nicholas, 29, who passed away three days later the following day on January. 10.

“This represents the very first step toward getting justice to Tyre and the rest of his family members,” Nicols’ family attorneys Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci stated in a joint statement. “They should in addition be punished for the crime of robbing the man of his life as well as his son of the father he deserves.” They added that they would remain vigilant and “demand the truth and transparency as well as accountability.”

Memphis the Chief of police Cerelyn “CJ” Davis and Mayor Jim Strickland said body camera footage from the arrest would be released once Nichols family members get the chance to see it and the investigation is completed.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also is investigating the use of method used to arrest the suspect.

Nichols family members have accused police of beating him until he suffered an heart attack during the arrest, while police claim the incident was due to an medical emergency.

Following the time that Nichols was pulled over for driving recklessly There was a fight and he fled before being arrested.


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