Florida woman who shot her hospitalized, husband who was terminally ill in a an attempted murder-suicide

In a news conference held Sunday, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young revealed that the woman who was threatening them with they were planning the shoot for weeks ahead of time.

“Apparently due to the fact that he was terminally sick the two had a talk about it, and they had a plan about three weeks ago. should he continue to take an unfavorable turn she should put an end to the situation,” Young told reporters. “Apparently the intention was for him to finish it however he wasn’t able to do it. the strength to do it, and she had take on the task in his place.”

Florida woman who shot her hospitalized

When it was time to use the gun on her, Young said the woman determined she was not able to proceed the process. The officer said that they used an electronic flash-bang device for distractor to allow officers to take “less-lethal” tactics to subdue her.

“She could face the charge of murder in the first degree,” Young said. “They’re in the process of preparing the papers, but she’ll be accused.”

It was determined that the victim is Jerry Gilland and the shooter was identified as his wife, Ellen Gilland. The couple resided within New Smyrna Beach.

The incident was unfolding, as the incident unfolded, Dr. Joshua Horenstein, who is named a cardiologist for AdventHealth, replied to the police department’s tweet declaring that he was in a closet at the time of the incident. Police later confirmed that personnel and patients were removed from the room, however their efforts were made more difficult because the majority of patients in the room were being treated with ventilators.

Patients or staff were not injured in the incident. In the meantime, Daytona Beach Police Department is looking into how the woman managed to bring the weapon into the hospital.


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