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Home News George Santos appears to admit his drag queen past in a Wiki post

George Santos appears to admit his drag queen past in a Wiki post

George Santos appears to admit his drag queen past in a Wiki post

Rep. George Santos has said that the reports and videos showing him in drag are “outrageous” as well as “categorically incorrect.”

But a little over a dozen years back, Santos himself appears to confirm his participation in drag shows when as a teen living in Brazil.

The office of the president referred requests for comment to an external assistant, who didn’t immediately respond. If someone who created his Anthony Devolder Wiki biography wasn’t anyone other than Santos this means that somebody who used the same alias and similar biographical information as him twelve years ago and all to create an account that nobody else could see.

George Santos appears to admit his drag queen past in a Wiki post

The recent surfacing of the Wiki biography is yet another twist in an lengthy saga that has been rife with fabrications and lies. It is known that the New York Republican has been accused of fabricating his own personal resume about everything from his professional profession, academic achievements, as well as the circumstances surrounding the death of his mother. He’s admitted to having did not disclose key details of his resume however, he has maintained the other political leaders have also done similar things.

The Wiki bio of Anthony Devolder, which is filled with spelling and grammar mistakes, seems to include fantasies about his professional career in showbusiness. The bio claims that he played an appearance in the Disney film “Hannah Montana,”” as well as other instances.

It was, at least it was the first of many initiatives by Santos to alter his biography on the web Wikipedia. These steps reveal the extent to which he’s gone to create his own life narrative.

Then, in November of last year, a user on Wiki known as Devmaster88 changed the Wikipedia page of then-congressman-elect George Santos (a page separate from the Wiki bio of Anthony Devolder). The user modified the section regarding Santos’ life, and also changed his first name. At the same time, another user, georgedevolder22, also made edits on Santos the public page on Wikipedia by removing his whole middle nameof Anthony Devolder, so that the biography was changed in the form of George Santos.

Their identities as user are not known by Wikipedia. Both accounts have since been removed from the site. Moderators, in the course of their ban stated the following: the account Devmaster88 had been ” abusing multiple accounts” and could be an expansion of Georgedevolder22.

Santos the Republican and a Democrat, has come out on the smallest number of allegations that he’s made up about his prior. However, Santos did not deny the drag shows which were first reported in the hands of MSNBC reporter Marisa Kabas who tweeted a picture she believes to be that of Santos wearing drag during the year 2008. Kabas also talked to the Brazilian drag queen who , according to reports, was a friend of Santos while he was living close to Rio de Janeiro and used the stage name Kitara.


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