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UOFT Webmail Login Access 2022

UOFT Webmail

The University of Toronto (U of T) assists its students, employees, librarians, and professors through its webmail and timetable services. Being a new student at the UofT, you must have created your UTmail+ account. So, if you do not know the steps to access your UOFT Webmail, study the article carefully.

Understand the Different UOFT Webmail Options

The University of Toronto has a contact center that offers webmail services for students and teachers. The webmail provides information regarding the campus that is unreachable via the contact center.

The different UOFT Webmail options are:

Student Webmail

The University of Toronto offers UOFT Webmail and programs facilities for its scholars. The name of the service is UTmail+. Under this, newly enrolled students obtain their UTmail + accounts. They can use their UofT student webmail service after enabling their UTORid.

Faculty, Librarians, & Staff Webmail

UTmail+ runs via Microsoft Office 365. Thus, it is an all-encompassing digital e-interaction facility. Plus, the webmail service helps in fostering online cooperation among its instructor, employees, and catalogers.

UOFT Webmail
UOFT Webmail

Other UOFT Webmail Services

Besides the student and faculty webmail facilities, UofT offers a webmail option for its alumni. UofT provides the alumni webmail service for former or ex-students.

Note: All those scholars who got the UofT degree after June 2012 are qualified for a UTmail+ alumni account. Alumni webmail accounts lead to

Similarly, all those UofT students who passed before June 2012 receive alumni accounts driven through Gmail. Such UTmail+ alumni accounts lead to

UTmail+ Service Summary

The University of Toronto launched the UTmail+ services operated through Microsoft 365. The student webmail option enables the management of emails, study timetables, connections, and assignments.

Access UOFT Webmail From Any Place

You require good internet connectivity and a web browser like Chrome or Firefox to run the UTmail+ service. Thus, log into your UTmail+ account via any PC.

UOFT Webmail

To access your UofT student webmail, proceed to After that, enter your UTORid and secret code/password.

Additionally, you can easily use email services such as Outlook to access UTmail+ on iOS or Android.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Once you create your UT+mail account, you can initiate the installation of Microsoft Office on your phone or desktop, or Mac.

You can use Microsoft Office 365 on five devices. Further, you can use MS Office (MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel) mobile version on five handsets with different OS.

UOFT Webmail (UTmail+ Account) Activation Process for New Students

The University of Toronto automatically delivers a UTmail + account for the new scholars. It generates when the UTORid (Digital Student Id) gets initiated.

SAK for UTORid Activation

To start your UTORid, you require a Secret Activation Key (SAK). UofT students can receive SAK through email.

If you are a professor or employee at UofT, receive SAK via the organizational administrator.

Access Online Services After the UTORid Activation

Once you join UofT, you get a JOINid. So, convert the JOINid to UTORid to avail of multiple digital services such as:

  • UTmail+ Student Email ID
  • Lessons records and discussions related to your chosen course
  • Courses available on Quercus, the UofT Online Education Medium
  • Student Life Management via ACRON, UofT Scholar Information Facility
  • Access Online Articles and Library Aids
  • Use MS Office apps like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and the Skype service.
  • Use University Wi-Fi
  • Facilities for Overseas UofT Scholars Like BB Collaborate and Quercus
  • Connect with the TCard options to acquire UTORid – For UG and PG Students

How to Receive Your UTORid?

Follow the below steps to obtain your UTORid:

  1. Firstly, provide your photograph through MyPhoto.
  2. Now, wait to receive an email for approval.
  3. Establish a remote meeting via Career & CoCurricular Learning Network (CLNx).
  4. Next, proceed to for UTORid activation.
  5. Use your Joinid to access CLNx.
  6. Attend the virtual meetup to submit identity and other necessary documents.
  7. Now, go to the TCard site and arrive at the Documentation Page. Check out all the documents that you need to provide.
  8. Further, verify your identity via the webcam in the meeting.
  9. Also, disclose hard copies for identity verification.
  10. Once your photograph gets approved through the TCard team member, you will obtain UTORid activation directives and UTmail+ account or UOFT Webmail.
  11. Next, use your SAK to trigger your UTORid after the remote meeting concludes successfully.

Note: Your Joinid password does not stay valid after you get SAK. So, activating your UTORid is necessary. After your UTORid is activated, connect with UofT to obtain the TCard. The remote students do not need a TCard.

You may visit for further details.

How to Access your UOFT Webmail?

  1. Firstly, open a browser and type in Tap Enter.
  2. Now, you arrive on
  3. Next, type in your UTORid and Password. Tap on Log in.

UOFT Webmail

Note: If any error emerges with your UTORid, verify your password. To do so, tap on Verify Password provided below the Log in button.

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We expect you have understood the steps for UTORid activation and UOFT Webmail access. Hence, seek the above processes to use your UTmail+ account to receive all the latest updates regarding the campus.  I hope you like this article, yet on the off chance that you are confronting any issue connected with this Article, feel free to leave a comment, I like helping everyone. What’s more, till then stay tuned to of us for such astounding Guidelines and updates about your favorite topic. Thank You.

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