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FRA identifies priority Projects for Northeast Corridor Upgrade

FRA identifies priority Projects for Northeast Corridor Upgrade

FRA identifies priority Projects for Northeast Corridor Upgrade.

The United States Federal Government can provide funding up to $US 24bn.

The US Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), has published a list listing priority projects. This funding will be up to $US24bn. It is being used to improve intercity passenger rail service along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), between Washington, DC and New York City.

The NEC Project Inventory’s first edition includes 68 projects, divided into 15 major backlog and 53 capital renewal, station and improvement projects. FRA claims the projects will reverse decades-long underinvestment of the country’s infrastructure. They will replace and rehabilitate vital rail assets and plan for major station expansions and upgrades.

FRA states that these investments will increase the reliability, frequency and quality of passenger rail services and give customers more options for transportation.

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These projects are funded by the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program, which was approved in 2021. This program provides the foundation for a competitive grant program to fund projects that reduce state of good repair backlogs, improve performance, expand or establish inter-city railway services. It helps Amtrak, the States, and the general public to build a predictable pipeline of projects that will help them with long-term capital planning for the NEC.

FRA will publish the project inventory and a Federal-State Partnership FSP-NEC notice funding opportunity (Nofo). This will solicit applications for eligible projects from the inventory. FRA will review all applications and choose projects that are compatible with the Nofo. After publication of the initial inventory, it will publish an NEC Project Inventory every two years.

These are the 15 most important backlog projects:

  • Baltimore and Potomac Tunnel Replacement
  • Bush River Bridge Replacement
  • Connecticut River Bridge Replacement
  • Cos Cob Bridge Replacement
  • Devon Bridge Replacement
  • East River Tunnel Rehabilitation

FRA identifies priority Projects for Northeast Corridor Upgrade

  • Gunpowder River Bridge Replacement
  • Highline Renewal, Dock Bridge in Good Condition and State of Good Reparation
  • Hudson Tunnel Project
  • Pelham Bay Bridge Replacement
  • Portal North Bridge Project
  • Saugatuck River Bridge Replacement
  • Sawtooth Bridges Replacement Project
  • Susquehanna River Bridge Replacement
  • Walk Bridge Program

Stephen Gardner, Amtrak’s president and CEO, stated that these projects would provide the infrastructure necessary to improve train travel reliability and performance in the Northeast. He also established a pipeline for future improvements projects. We appreciate Secretary Buttigieg and Administrator Bose for their leadership in creating this inventory. We look forward to working together with our partners to seek future USDOT grants, such as those provided under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, to help advance the projects in the inventory.


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