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Elwood Watson: DeSantis follows after Black historiography

Elwood Watson: DeSantis follows after Black historiography

In his constant criticisms of what he refers to as “woke politics,”” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has denied the permissionfor an advanced-level African American history course to be taught in Florida public high schools.

NAACP Director Ivory Toldson condemnedthe course’s denial and called DeSantis’ decision to reject the course a “dereliction of his responsibility to ensure a fair education to everyone in Florida.”

“Dismissing this vital subject as having no educational value’ is a denial of years of evidence to prove contrary” Toldson said. “African American history is American history and the failure to grasp this simple fact isn’t American in the sense of it’s own.”

“Florida is now a state where people don’t Say Gay to don’t say Black,” noted New York Rep. Ritchie Torres whom is Black and is openly gay.

It is even more evident that there are subjects that aren’t omitted from the course: AP European history, AP Art history, AP Japanese language and culture, AP German language and culture, AP Italian language and culture and AP Spanish language and culture.

Elwood Watson: DeSantis follows after Black historiography

Classes from different ethnic groups received the go-ahead to be offered in the office of governors but the history, political, and customs of those who are of African descendance was banned. Discussions about race-based discrimination.

One of the arguments that DeSantis used to justify his insinuative antics is that he is trying to ensure that children do not feel embarrassed or have any kind of shame or guilt themselves because of their race. It’s not rocket science for a scientist to see that he’s referring to white students, even though it is important to be aware Black students are often taught to be uneasy and uncertain regarding the past of their relatives.

I’m not happy to be the person to break it to DeSantis but history isn’t without its faults. It can be brutal sometimes, particularly for minorities. Black people were brutally lynched and were forced to endure the rigors of Jim Crow laws. Atrocities of inhumane nature occurred on Jewish individuals during the Holocaust. Women have been often the victims of misogyny and sexism. LGBTQ individuals have often been victims of violence. On and on.

Young people, generally aren’t afraid of being exposed to the facts of the past. However, it’s their parents and their elders who typically are irritated when confronted with questions concerning the past which contradict what they’ve been taught and taught.

Although he’s yet make an announcement, it’s not news that DeSantis is planning to run for the presidencynext year. Just as the case when he announced the Martha’s Vineyard ploy, DeSantis is promoting racial inflammatory comments to appeal to an extreme right-wing MAGA base that is overwhelmingly white. They are frightened of the coming of immigrants and have an insidious attitude of hatred towards any person or thing that is perceived to be “the the other.”

Although he doesn’t have the kind of savage charisma Donald Trump embodies, only time will tell when DeSantis is the GOP’s candidate for president. In the meantime DeSantis is feeding his wild-eyed followers who are jingoistic, right-wing-leaning to quell their resentment.

By Kevin Bonner

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