Elvis Enterprises’ Joel Weinshanker on Lisa Marie Presley’s Wishes for Graceland: It was Always Riley’

When Lisa Marie Presley passed away last month, she had thought about who she would give her trust to her children.

On what would have been Lisa Marie’s anniversary this Wednesday Joel Weinshanker, managing partner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio to celebrate her life and put the record straight about the things she has always wanted to see happen in the next generation of Graceland.

“Everyone was aware that Elvis died and gave everything to his young girl. He made the decision knowing that she was the person to continue his legacy,” Weinshanker said.

“We were so good because we both tried to do the best for Elvis regardless of what anyone else was trying to achieve or what family members would be doing,” he said. “Lisa was not a commodity or pushed. If she believed that something was not right for her, she would not allow it. Elvis’ best interest wasn’t always about money. She is, in fact, the only Presley who you could ever affirm that.”

He added that Lisa Marie, the only child of the rock famous Elvis Presley, was “quite certain” and “very clear” regarding who she wanted to continue the legacy.

“We talked about this numerous times [before] she died and it was always Riley as well as Ben,” he said of her children Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, whom she shared with her ex David Keough. “There was no doubt in her head that they would be Stewards, and that they would see it exactly the same way as she did. Naturally, that was the case when Ben was gone, it truly stood in with Riley.”

The actor also stated that, even though Riley has a successful career with acting as well as film directing she “always always had an interest” as well and “knew that in the future, she would have the power.”

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Weinshanker ended his remarks by saying that fans should be celebrating Lisa Marie’s birthday in honor of “her remarks.” Even though her passing is tragic, he added that “the greatest times of Graceland are still ahead.”

His appearance occurs less than a month after lawyers for Priscilla Presley Lisa Marie’s mom and Lisa Marie’s mom, filed a complaint with the city of Los Angeles questioning the “authenticity and legitimacy” of the will that Lisa Marie wrote. The doctrine stipulates that her trust that includes Elvis’ Graceland property and 15 percent of ownership of Elvis estate would be distributed to the three girls she raised.

The petition stated that an amendment from 2016 that placed trust to Riley who is 33 along with the twins Harper as well as Finley Lockwood at the age of 14 is ineffective.

As per the petition that is available to PEOPLE, Lisa Marie wrote a living will back in the year 1993. She modified it in 2010 making Priscilla co-trustee with Barry Siegel, her previous business partner. Barry Siegel.

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After Lisa Marie’s demise, Priscilla discovered an amendment which was introduced in the year 2016, which removed Siegel along with Siegel as co-trustees, and substituted them with Riley and her brother Ben who passed away by suicide in the year 2020, as well as the twins of her. The representative for Riley was not able to be reached by PEOPLE at the time.

The petition asserts “many concerns about the validity and authenticity” that the amending document is not valid such as the fact that it wasn’t given to Priscilla when Lisa Marie was alive “as as required by the conditions in the Trust,” that Lisa Marie’s signature was “inconsistent” with her typical signature and there no notarization or witness.


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