Disney has its first plus-sized heroine in a short film Reflect

Internet users are thrilled to see Disney finally bringing its first plus-size young heroine for the short film “Reflect”. The story follows an aspiring ballet dancer called Bianca who has a difficult time with her body image.

The film first appeared through the site in late September, as an element of the Short Circuit Experimental Films series. The audience took note of the film and began to discuss it on the internet.

After a few months the internet is celebrating Disney’s decision to include more younger girls within its productions. Netizens are gushing with applauding the studio.

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“16 -year old me required the Disney video before I left dance because I did not want to be the overweight girl in the class any more,” one user said on Twitter. Another user wrote, “I’m glad little ones can enjoy this. 10.10/10 Reflect!”

In recent times, Disney has taken several measures to increase the variety of characters featured in its animated films. They previously added the transgender character in their show , ‘Baymax’ which was a spin-off of the ‘Big Hero 6’. In 2020 the studio of Disney’s Pixar released their first animated feature featuring the Black character named Soul.

Disney has its first plus-sized heroine in a short film Reflect

“Reflect” director Hillary Bradfield strongly believes in the importance of body positivity, and often discusses the subject in interviews. In an interview that was included at the beginning of the short film she stated “It’s an essential part of what it is to be taking a look at your posture and examining aspects in the mirror. It seemed like a perfect approach to put her in a situation in which she’s forced to examine herself, even though she isn’t inclined to.”

“When viewers watch the film I’d like to see them be able to feel more confident about themselves and their appearance and feel more comfortable about the rough aspects of their journey,” Bradfield added. “Sometimes you travel to the dark before you get to the right location. That’s what makes the place you are in more gorgeous.”


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