Brendan Fraser’s Oscar campaign gets support from Dwayne Johnson

Brendan Fraser’s Oscar campaign gets support from Dwayne Johnson

Brendan Fraser is the nailed-on frontrunner in the race for the Best Actor award at the upcoming 2023 Oscars, and now he has support from Dwayne Johnson too. Fraser, the popular ’90s movie star, is overwhelmingly likely to get his first Oscar nomination for his performance in the emotional drama movie The Whale.

The Whale hasn’t yet been released in theaters, and doesn’t even have a trailer. But, based on the movie’s premiere at Venice Film Festival, and subsequent Film Festivals, critics are certain that the actor has a nomination in the bag, and is the most likely to win the award.

Tupperware wants to be where the cool kids play.

In The Whale, Fraser plays a 600 pound man trying to repair his relationship with his daughter, played by Sadie Sink of the sci-fi series Stranger Things. In our own The Whale review from LFF, Charlotte Colombo gave the movie 5 stars, describing it as “devastating” and “painfully beautiful”. So, it’s no surprise that Fraser’s performance has garnered such momentum and positive attention.

Brendan Fraser’s Oscar campaign gets support from Dwayne Johnson

Now, speaking to MTV news, Dwayne Johnson has taken a break from talking about how Black Adam is ‘shaking up the hierarchy of power’ to support Fraser’s Oscar campaign. The ex-wrestler said that he wants Fraser to “go all the way” in the race for the award.

Johnson said “I want him to go all the way, man. I wanna see him on that Oscar stage, and hold that sucker up, and deliver, I’m sure, what will be an amazing speech.” The Rock’s comments show the breadth of support for Fraser, and the pure determination to see him succeed due to his popularity.

However, even with the superhero movie star’s endorsement, Fraser does not have the race sewn up. There is still space for an upset, and if last year’s Oscars showed anything, it was that they can be very unpredictable.

If anyone was going to overtake Fraser in the race, it would likely be Colin Farrell for his role in The Banshees of Inisheer. The actor has had a phenomenal year of his own, starring in science fiction movies, action movies, and survival movies. He’s hugely popular and respected, and will be in contention for the award too.


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