Tiger Woods has ‘awesome’ time in the First round of the PNC Championship

Tiger Woods returns after suffering from earlier injuries this year in California showed a glimpse of his brilliant play in the first round of the PNC Championship despite the fact that he lacked in his strength and length during the play.

Tiger Woods has made a remarkable comeback on the golf fields this Saturday, collaborating with Charlie, Tiger Wood’s son at the family tournament, PNC Championship in the US, Florida.

Tiger woods’ utilized a cart to assist with ferrying him in between the Golf Course’s 7, having the 106-yard format. He later conceded the physical demands of the round had been trying for him as at one point Woods was seen recoiling noticeably.

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Woods told the media persons that It’s truly disappointing he doesn’t hit the ball to the extent that he realizes that he can and the shots that he sees don’t fall off the manner in which he requires and claims that he hit three great shots for what it’s worth.

He said that he is not having the speed and the game plan required for golf now and basically starting to get indeed into it. He added that whether he intended to play in these a little while earlier. The golf player even claims that he doesn’t have the perseverance.

Woods, who earlier declined to put a plan on his comeback for the PGA Tournament, said his strength was as yet far where it should be. For the fitness part, Woods said, he doesn’t have the fitness strength now and he even realizes that now.

Woods added that he doesn’t have the earlier speed or the game so he is simply beginning to get once again into it. And he was not sure a couple of weeks ago that whether he plays in this event or not.

He can in any case hit the short irons as the speed and a portion of the shots, the more drawn out stuff has and he is not practicing. Therefore he remarks that he is simply not in a golf-playing shape as he is not practicing and certainly not in competition shape.

Tiger Woods with his son was seeing wearing matching regalia, snickered and joked all through the PNC round, which he played close by his dear friend Justin Thomas and his father Mike Thomas. Woods added that He had a fabulous time playing together with his son as they were a lot of fun there, was a great deal of needling going on the whole day.

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