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Bidwell Park’s fall leaves welcome tweed bikers

Bidwell Park's fall leaves welcome tweed bikers

CHICO — Sunday was cool, crisp, and a gentle afternoon breeze welcomed bikers as they gathered in Chico Tweed Ride.

Over 100 people gathered in front of the city hall to take part in the Chico tradition. (Bidwell Park’s fall leaves welcome tweed bikers).

The Tweed Ride covers seven miles and starts at the Our Hands sculpture. There is also a halfway point at Five Mile Recreation Area for a picnic stop.

Samantha Shaner stated that the Tweed Ride is her favorite fall event and she arrived in color-coordinated company with her family.

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Shaner stated, “We love the tweed ride; it’s something we do every year.” It’s a wonderful way to see the community get together and enjoy a nice, smooth ride.

Bidwell Park's fall leaves welcome tweed bikers

The annual biker journey began under hundreds of trees, with the leaves changing color as they rode.

Danny Santos brought a “picnic bike”, which he called a picnic bicycle, with a built-in picnic table and bar.

Santos stated, “It’s supposed be the most scenic among all the tweed ride,”

Santos drove from Oakland for the ride. He said that he also participates in tweed rides elsewhere in California.

Bidwell Park's fall leaves welcome tweed bikers

Rich Reiner, another rider, brought his penny farthing. It was a bike with two large wheels in front and one in back. This is something you might recognize from an old movie. It also doesn’t have breaks.

Reiner’s penny farthing was in a movie because it was used as a prop for a 1970s movie.

Reiner stated, “It’s very easy actually, but it’s not something you would want to ride in a crowd for the first time.” These Chico traditions are my favorite. It is what makes this town unique.

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