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Knock At The Cabin review: Dave Bautista is thoroughly fearsome in this tense apocalyptic thriller.

Knock At The Cabin review

Although it might not appear to be at first glance, Knock At The Cabin is a significant departure from director M. Night Shyamalan’s previous films.

By adapting Paul Tremblay’s novel The Cabin At The End Of The World in an screenplay written by him along with Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman, Shyamalan is certainly treading familiar ground in the genre, which he most particularly by 2002’s Signs.

However, the most significant thing to note is that, contrary to 2021’s Old, he’s apparently stepped beyond the necessity to create shocking revelations.

“Knock at The Cabin” Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s most recent film is one of his greatest

Knock At The Cabin reaches the credits in a manner that is unambiguously twisted however that doesn’t stop the film from creating a harrowing tension with a terrifying domestic scenario.

When seven-year-old Wen (Kristen Cui) is able to catch grasshoppers in the cabin that her fathers Eric (Jonathan Groff) and Andrew (Ben Aldridge) have hired, she is approached by a man of a considerable size whom they identify by the name of Leonard (Dave Bautista).

Knock At The Cabin review

Although the gentle-spoken man appears nice, Wen starts to realize that something is not right when three other strangers (Nikka Amuka-Bird Abby Quinn, and Rupert Grint) appear from the forest, carrying knives that are clearly intended to be weapons.

Despite her efforts to alert their parents of the danger, strangers swoop into the cabin, capturing Eric and Andrew while doing so. With an audience now captive and a remorseful Leonard offers the family an option: they have to select one of them to sacrifice or else a flurry of famines will ravage the entire human race.

By William D. Ricker

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