Anthropic Presents A Safer AI Helper, Claude

The debut of Claude, a new ChatGPT competitor Anthropic Presents , was announced by Anthropic, an AI safety and research business. Claude is an AI assistant with text-processing and conversational features.

What distinguishes ChatGPT from Claude? The idea that AI should be beneficial, truthful, and harmless was the foundation upon which Claude was developed by Anthropic’s founders, former VPs of research, safety, and policy at OpenAI.

Anthropic Presents

With less harmful, biassed, and hallucinogenic responses than other AI chatbots, Claude aspires to help the world benefit from the rapid advancements in AI.

Examples of how Claude can be used are provided on the product page, including asking for legal counsel, receiving career advice, synthesising search results, automating office duties, assisting with sales, and addressing customer service inquiries.

Two models of Claude are offered:

Claude-v1, a capable model, can manage complex conversation, original content creation, and thorough instructions.

Claude Instant, a quicker and more affordable approach, can perform conversational conversation, text analysis and summarization, and document Q&A.

Getting To Claude

You can get early access to both models by registering on the Anthropic website.

You may witness Claude in action in addition to using Claude-v1 and Claude Instant by visiting partners like Quora, DuckDuckGo, and Notion.

On their brand-new Poe app, Quora has added Claude-v1.2 and OpenAI GPT-4.

Poe subscribers can send 300 GPT-4 and 1,000 Claude+ messages each month before hitting speed, availability, and quality thresholds.

Claude is used by DuckDuckGo’s new DuckAssist function, which uses Wikipedia to translate search results into natural language responses. Right now, both the desktop browser and browser extensions offer it for free.

Notion AI is a tool that aids users in automating tiresome chores at work, improving the messages they send to coworkers, and overcoming writer’s block by allowing for infinite brainstorming and useful writing suggestions. Grammarly Premium, ChatGPT+, and Jasper are more expensive for creating and editing material than Notion AI, which costs $10 per month.

Students can use the Juni Tutor Bot at any time for assistance with a range of math, science, writing, and foreign language courses. Also, it aids with SAT, ACT, and PSAT test preparation.

The time it takes to prepare a contract and get it signed is cut in half by Robin Review’s AI-powered contract editing service. They even provide a test where you can see whether you can alter a section of a contract more quickly than the AI.


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