Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee: Fascinating History

Though coffee has been famous all over the planet for quite a long time, it doesn’t necessarily blend well in with religion, similarly as with Mormonism, presently called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). As part of chapel doctrine, Mormons have been historically prohibited from drinking coffee or tea. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)

why mormons don't drink coffee

Cutting edge individuals from the LDS are permitted to drink home grown teas and hot chocolate, and recently, church authorities lifted the restriction on caffeinated drinks like pop. In any case, this isn’t to say that all Mormons abstain from coffee. A long way from it. But coffee and tea are still authoritatively off the Mormon drinks menu. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)

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One Fateful Day in 1833


On February 27, 1833, the prophet Joseph Smith got, in a revelatory design, the Word of Wisdom, which was later distributed in a book called “Doctrine and Covenants.” In the Mormon faith, the Word of Wisdom isn’t really taken a gander at as a set of restrictions but more as rules to carrying on with your healthiest life. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


Those who are Mormon believe living by these tenets to be an honor. One of the myths of Mormonism is that drinking coffee is prohibited due to its brain altering effects. This is mostly untrue, though the language and evolution of the religion can make it a bit befuddling to outsiders. Here’s number 9 in the Word of Wisdom: 


“9. What’s more, once more, hot drinks are not for the body or the tummy.”

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There is some debate about what the Word of Wisdom implies by “hot drinks,” but it’s for the most part understood to mean coffee and tea. Why? One theory is that they could theoretically consume you, which would be destructive to the body. It is additionally worth noting that in recent years, studies have shown that hot drinks might cause malignant growth. Presently the standard seems OK. But wait, there’s more (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)

why mormons don't drink coffee

Mormons were still pressing coffee and tea for their travels even after 1833. It was a suggested item for travel in notable Mormon literature. This is relevant on the grounds that while attempting to escape strict persecution, the Mormons wanted to sort out some way to keep away from contact with non-Mormons. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


Coffee and tea were famous commodities at trading posts, as well as liquor, and Mormons figured they could surrender them altogether. This was further supported by the transition to Utah, where coffee was just not accessible in light of the fact that, at the time, not many individuals resided there. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)




In 1921, the congregation changed its approach on fellowship wine since it wanted to stop enjoying substances that were “habit-framing.” To this day, the Mormon church continues to suggest staying away from all coffee drinks, and even coffee shops. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


This prompts the next wrinkle: Can Mormons drink chilled coffee? In the event that you go by the doctrines passed down as per God and Joseph Smith, then yes. But assuming that you go by the standard of habit-framing substances, no. Similarly as with all religions, such a large amount how you live or what you maintain depends on the interpretation of strict documents, and with regards to Mormonism, that incorporates details like whether you can drink chilled coffee.

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What’s the Current Official Guidance?


Now that you know the history, how can it apply to the present? This is what the authority Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints website needs to say:


In Doctrine and Covenants 89:8-9, the Lord restricts our utilizing tobacco and “hot drinks,” which, Church pioneers have made sense of, implies tea and coffee. Present day prophets and apostles have frequently taught that the Word of Wisdom cautions us against substances that can hurt us or oppress us to addiction. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


The authority direction additionally suggests never requesting at coffee shops or inquiring as to whether there’s coffee in any drink. In addition, the congregation suggests keeping away from anything made with tea leaves, whether hot or cold. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


As stated before, the congregation offers a “hot drink” proviso in the types of home grown tea and hot chocolate, ostensibly on the grounds that they’re not unsafe. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


Why don’t Mormons Drink Coffee?


We can see that the standards aren’t totally unbending when we take a gander at the results from the Next Mormons Survey, which show that:

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1) 40% of recent college grads and Gen X-ers had some coffee within six months of the study being taken,

2) 38% of all respondents had drunk at least one of the accompanying within six months of the study being taken: liquor, coffee, tea, tobacco, or other medications.

3) Adherence to the Word of Wisdom might soften, as 52% of Gen X respondents didn’t feel that it was vital to follow it.

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There have been tales that coffee might be made “lawful” in Mormonism, but there is plenty of skepticism about that occurrence. On one hand, in the event that more youthful generations’ perspectives toward the Word of Wisdom are softening, coffee done being restricted might be a possibility. Then again, except if scientific discoveries definitively demonstrate that there are significant benefits to drinking coffee, it appears to be improbable that this standard will change. (Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee)


There you have it, from 1833 to now — the mind boggling history of coffee in the Mormon faith. Presently you know why Mormons don’t drink coffee!