An alliance between Melissa & Doug and Power of Play

Healthy growth and development require play. Play, however, offers both healthy and less healthy options, much like food. In order to promote open-ended play, we started the Power of Play campaign with Melissa & Doug, a toy manufacturer renowned for its 30-year dedication to the concept. Together, we are providing support to millions of parents and other carers so they can help their children develop crucial life skills via play.

Doug and Power of Play

The principles of playpower

The Power of Play campaign aims to raise awareness of the significance of the following three ideas among parents, guardians, and professionals in order to enhance children’s health and wellbeing:

  1. Give hands-on play priority

For toys that will grow with kids, look for those that encourage creative, unrestricted thought.

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  1. Appreciate time without a screen

By combining media use with other wholesome activities, you can avoid overusing it. Media consumption for kids under 2 should be kept to a minimum. It’s preferable if an adult is around to co-view, converse with, and instruct.

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  1. Connect and interact through play

Parents and other primary carers are where kids learn the most. By talking, reading, and singing with kids while they play, you may help them expand their vocabulary, relieve tension, form connections with one another, and develop the skills necessary for learning.

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Our objectives

The Power of Play campaign provides parents, carers, and professionals who deal with kids with useful advice, such as:

Parents can find information and advice on how to encourage play in their children’s life online through social media, movies, and toy stores.

Playbooks tailored to a child’s developmental stage can help with issues including managing strong emotions, making friends, and paying attention.

Play to the Rescue concepts. The intention is to arm parents with the knowledge they need to resist the urge to give their kids a phone or tablet when out to eat, driving, in inclement weather, or going about their daily routines and errands.

Players as Partners

From its inception ninety years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics has been an advocate for kids, pushing measures to strengthen the positive parent-child bonds that are essential for a child’s early brain development.

Sally Goza, MD, FAAP, a former president of the AAP, said, “As a paediatrician, I know how crucial creative, open-ended play is for young children’s brain development, language acquisition, problem-solving skills, social connections, and physical activity. “The magical moments that are so crucial for children’s development occur when parents and children play together. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Melissa & Doug to inform families about the play activities they can engage in to promote the best possible health outcomes for their children.”

The partnership presents Melissa & Doug with a chance to explain the science behind play’s advantages. Only major toy company Melissa & Doug’s products have never included screens or applications. Also, the business has never advertised its products to kids.


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