2 killed after Florida High-Speed train hits car on railroad crossing North of Miami

About the accident, Florida high-speed train hits car and which results in the death of two commuters due to such accident. The accident was caused when the train hit the vehicle of the victims as the driver attempted to make the crossing gate as stated by the Police department.

The crossing entryway’s lights were glimmering and chimes were ringing to the signal a moving toward the train on the morning of the Thursday when the vehicle attempted to endure as said in the joined statement given by the Brightline train authorities and Police officials. The blue Toyota was left damaged on the opposite side of the road later the accident. Authorities further said nobody who was on the train was harmed.

Florida high speed train hits car
Florida high speed train hits car

 Statement from the Brightline train official

Brightline officials said in their statement about the accident that the incident was an appalling incident and the immediate consequence of a singular cruising all over the crossing gates which were usually closed, blazing and chimes ringing, flagging the train approaching. The nearby resident named Caesar Tavares living nearby the Aventura narrated the incident to the WSVN news channel that he heard the whole incident.

 The incident narrated by the nearby Resident

Mr. Tavares told in his statement that he realized immediately the train hit someone since it was truly very loud as the vehicle was rolling with the sound nearby as Boom! Then, at that point, out of nowhere it halted. Mr. Tavares further added that he saw the people who were attempting to get around the entryways.

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He also added that the train is scheduled here at regular intervals and individuals are continually halting on the tracks which increases the risk of such accidents occurring.

 It was also reported by the TV channel that the Brightline train has just started again after being closed down from the start of the ongoing pandemic from around March 2020.

 Other Train Incidents Reported

A man who was strolling on the tracks in North Miami Beach also died the Brightline train struck him recently in December 2021. It was also found to be the 49th including a Brightline train since the train route of the Miami – West Palm Beach line was sent off in the mid of year 2017.

 Train Fatalities data as per the Federal records

As per the federal records explains that the Brightline has a greater number of fatalities recorded per mile in comparison to any other united stated railroad organization, one with regards to every 31,000 miles. As per the data collected, it was also said that from the year 2018, almost or on average around 1200 fatalities were recorded by the trains every year in the country.

It was further found that none of the passing’s including Brightline has been accused on its hardware or teams. Further examinations of the incidents explain that most of such casualties were either self-destructive, inebriated, deranged, or had circumvented obstructions at a convergence trying to beat the trains, which go up to 79 mph through thickly populated regions.

A passerby death was also recorded who was killed by the commuter train in Orlando earlier this Thursday. The police officials were investigating the incident for the reason as reported by the media house.