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Home Technology Angled Finish Nailer vs Straight. Which Is Better & Why?

Angled Finish Nailer vs Straight. Which Is Better & Why?

Angled Finish Nailer vs Straight. Which Is Better & Why?

Angled vs straight finish nailer. While you’re doing any sort of Do-It-Yourself home construction or improvement project (or even kinds of fix work), it assists with having a fueled nailer. Electric nail guns are significantly more secure and simpler to use than pounding in nails the hard way. They additionally offer a lot more noteworthy accuracy.

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However, nailers come in two significant sorts: angled and straight. Angled nailers highlight an “angled” magazine close to the front of the nail gun, which permits you to utilize the gun at (clearly) a point! In the meantime, straight nailers have straight magazines. Angled vs straight finish nailer – The difference appears to be straightforward, however, it can ultimately prompt significant differences regarding usefulness and reasonableness for your project.

angled vs straight finish nailer

Angled Finish Nailers Outline

As referenced, angled nailers highlight magazines at a slight point – this can in some cases be changed relying upon the specific nailer being referred to. The magazine returns toward your arm, which permits you to drive nails into corners.

Shape and Fit

An angled nailer’s shape proves to be useful when you want to do things like introducing crown forming sheets or spot nails in any corner area. You can fit into lots of restricted spaces without running the nailer’s handle into a wall.

Nail Capacity

Nailers have different nail limits or appropriate gauges. More or less, a gun’s gauge capacity depicts the size of nails that it can utilize. Bigger gauges mean more slender nails. Angled vs straight finish nailer – For example, an 18-gauge nail is more slender than a 15-gauge nail. Angled finish nailers can typically hold bigger nails thanks to the more drawn-out size of their magazines. 

They can frequently go as low as 15-gauge nails, empowering them to function admirably for heavier construction work. These instruments are ideal for bureau or other furniture creation or fixing. This is likewise significant since thicker nails frequently work better to hold corner sorts out. In any case, this implies that the nails introduced by this nail gun are somewhat more noticeable.


Angled nailers are normally made with less material – this frequently implies that they are lighter in generally speaking weight also. Be that as it may, this may not generally be valid assuming the magazine for a given nailer is full (thicker nails weigh more). As a general rule, however, angled nailers are more versatile and simpler to store.


Angled nailers truly do have a drawback in that they will generally be more costly than straight-finish nailers. This is for both the general unit and the nails that go into the gun. Thicker nails are generally more costly.


Arrive at Corners

Angled vs straight finish nailer – There are a few benefits to the angled finish nailer beginning with its shape. Since the magazine is angled back, you can drive nails into more tight areas without having the handle of the nail gun contact the restricting surface. For work in restricted spaces, the angled finish nailer is prevalent.

The marginally bigger gauge size of the nails utilized in the angled nailer will keep thicker bits of the material intact better. Add to this the close full head (D-shaped) utilized in such nails and you have a more grounded, safer association between the materials.

Longer Magazine

The angled plan makes the magazine longer and permits it to oblige a larger number of nails per strip than a straight magazine with similar measurement nails.


Angled nailers will more often than not be somewhat more modest (more limited handles) and utilize less material in their construction contrasted with straight nailers. This makes them lighter and simpler to utilize contingent upon the size and capacity of the magazine.


Angled vs straight finish nailer – The size of the nails might be the same amount of a con as a master contingent upon the work that is required. On the off chance that you are associating more slender, more delicate material, the 16 gauge finish nailer or brad nailer might be better. Besides, the 15GA nails that are utilized will quite often have greater, more recognizable heads. This makes them more perceptible in the material once the nail has been driven.

Straight Finish Nailer Outline

A straight-finish nailer can likewise be a successful instrument. Its magazine runs the length of the handle at a right point comparative with the barrel. Angled vs straight finish nailer – This gives the nail gun a more square shaped shape contrasted with its angled counterpart.

Shape and Fit

The straight nailer’s shape implies that you can only with significant effort fit it into any confined corners or restricted spaces, basically contrasted with an angled nailer. This restricts its utilization to some degree (since angled nailers can in any case be utilized for ordinary spaces also).

Nail Capacity

As opposed to an angled nailer, a straight nailer utilizes more slender nails most straight nailer magazines can’t acknowledge nails lower than 16-gauge. This makes them just reasonable for working with slim sheets or different materials as well as light construction work. Photo placement establishment or board establishment are incredible purposes.

On the positive side, a straight nailer’s fingernails will be less noticeable and better for putting the finishing addresses an apparent space.


Straight nailers are normally heavier and more challenging to move contrasted with angled nail guns. This may not be a huge issue contingent upon how you intend to utilize the finish nailer, yet it’s something worth talking about to remember.


One region where straight nailers surpass their angled counterparts is in cost. They’re normally substantially more reasonable since they give less power (since they utilize more slender nails), and they utilize less expensive nails generally speaking.


The primary benefit is that this sort of nail gun utilizes more modest, more slender nails which are ideally suited for lighter construction work. Angled vs straight finish nailer – This truly intends that for connecting trim and other more modest materials, a straight finish nailer functions admirably. They are likewise more affordable and in this manner, simpler on the wallet.


A major issue is their size which makes them more hard to use in restricted spaces. Since the magazine is frequently joined to the front, that implies you have less space to move contrasted with the side connection frequently found with angled finish nailers. Furthermore, the more modest, more slender nails are not also appropriate for heavier work.


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