Windows 11 has a fix to a CPU bug that caused your computer to slow down

Windows 11 has a fix to a CPU bug that caused your computer to slow down – Insiders of Windows 11 have seen the new test build released. It fixes some serious bugs, including those relating to File Explorer. And it adds some minor features.

Windows 11 (22H2), build 22621.898, has been released to the preview channel. There’s a bug fix for File Explorer that caused high CPU usage and slowed down your computer. This could sometimes occur when you open a file.

File Explorer also stopped crashing when closing context menus or menu items. This was another issue that has been fixed.

As you can see, there are many other bug fixes. The full list is available in Microsoft’s blog post

Microsoft explains that there are some useful but small additions to build 22621.898. These include combining Windows Spotlight and Themes under Personalization settings. This makes Spotlight easier for users to locate and enable.

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OneDrive users will also receive storage alerts letting them know when their online storage space is running low on the Systems page (in Setting). You can also purchase more storage via the Settings menu.

Microsoft made an additional change to inform users about the storage space available for all of their OneDrive subscriptions.

Windows 11 has a fix to a CPU bug that caused your computer to slow down

These elements are still being tested, but they will soon be part of the Windows 11 release.

These are just a few useful additions. The main focus is bug squashing and vital work on that front. File Explorer is the core of Windows UI. It’s great to see that the CPU slowdown problem has been fixed – and that File Explorer was not crashing completely as a result (which is always a bad thing).

Apart from the obvious improvements to Windows 11, we are excited about some more features. We just learned of one we have been eagerly anticipating: the ability to remove apps from the taskbar.

This means that the ‘never combine” option, which was always available on Windows 10, was removed for Windows 11. This is a significant step forward in our opinion, but it shouldn’t have been. We believe that there are too many options, which can be a bad thing.


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