Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube, who got dropped recently, has reported that she quit YouTube and her all other content or social media channels. The famous YouTuber announced her exit from Youtube via her latest tweet posted this Monday, 27th December 2021.

Know about Lindsay Ellis


Ms. Ellis is a famous content creator and YouTuber, she is having 1 million YouTube followers and subscribers and she used to share or upload a lot of videos and other non-descriptors online content, as depicted by her.

She has the bio ads at her YouTube Channel like hottest takes on Disney, Hail the Algorithm Transformers, and Musicals. She has around 317K followers on her Twitter handle and she also shares and uploads her content on Patreon media also.

Her Quit from YouTube

Lindsay has affirmed that she quit her YouTube and other social media channels via announcing the same from her tweeter account on 27th December 2021.

 The You Tuber got ‘dropped’ in this earlier March this year for her thoughts about the “Raya and the Last Dragon and Avatar: The Last Air bender” share from her Twitter account, which prompted blended responses from her followers on many social media platforms.

In that deleted tweet, Ms. Lindsay wrote that after watching the Raya movie she thought that we all need to concoct a name for this kind that is essentially Avatar: the Last Air bender revivals. It resembles half of the entire YA dream which was published over the last many years.

Lindsay further attempted to clarify her tweet in one more post later reaction from her followers or other Twitter users in which she wrote, She can see where assuming that the squint she was inferring all Asian-roused properties are something similar, particularly if you were at that point conscious of those discussions where she hadn’t seen them. In any case, the fundamental system of TLA is becoming well known in fiction outside of the Asian roused stuff. Whereas further her post. However, her other post prompted an additional reaction from all the social media users which further got her ‘dropped’.

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Further following the “Raya” drama She apologized through her video which was posted on her YouTube channel which was found to be 40-minute long and also named ‘Mask Off’ in that video she tended to how the word ‘dropped/canceled’ began, and also talked about the philosophy behind the “Twitter villain of the day.”

After the incident, she takes around 9 months to announce her decision regarding quitting all her social media channels through an extensive Patreon paper. Lindsay composed that her underlying arrangement was to make a concise declaration in a tweet yet she believed she expected to approach with an assertion since she has endorsers who paid for her content material.

In her exposition, Lindsay composed that the career in the public eye is a kind of losing the game and her one tweet with her apology ‘blew up’ against her on multiple occasions. She further writes that all such things prompted her to take this decision to quit or remove her links, her channels from all types of online discussions. Many of Lindsay’s subscribers or followers have noticed that the kickback she’d got for a long time has prompted her decision to leave the online media.

How social media reacts to her exit from Social Media Channels?

Most of her followers and Twitter users shared their points over her decision to take quit the social media platforms while addressing or tending to the drop/cancel culture on Twitter and its further outcomes or results.

One of the users wrote that we have to admit that the cancel culture exists from the Ellis thing, as the users further added that It simply just capacities against individuals without ability regardless. As he added that all the users tearing each other separated from performative honorableness and it hurts the other individuals.

Another stated that most of the users are saying that why she quits the YouTube channel as the users added that why everybody is as insane as nobody will learn about the thing till it happens with them.

One more user said that is Ellis quits? Well, that is an exceptionally disturbing thing to awaken to. The user said that he always cherished her work. Her being irritated until the limit is simply AWFUL. On this comment, another tweeter user commented or reacted by saying that he is very appreciative for her all the work she has done till the time, and further he believes that she discovers some harmony. And maybe some time away she will revive her energy, or maybe what she wants is to remain away, yet she tracks down the right response.

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