Where To Go in Africa in February

Planning to visit Africa in the coming February, and then follow this article below on the best places to go in Africa in February. 

Southern Africa should generally be avoided in February due to the high humidity, high temperatures, and high precipitation. East Africa ought to be your destination at this time of year. Whether you are looking to soak up the sun on a Zanzibar beach or if you want to trek to find gorillas in the forests of Uganda, February offers it all. Let’s find out the best places to go in Africa in February.

Best places to go in Africa in February,

Where to Go in Africa in February
Where to Go in Africa in February

Tanzania-The Serengeti 

 Over half a million wildebeest are born on the Southern plains in Serengeti National Park during the peak of the calving season in February. As the fight for life unfolds right in front of your eyes, interactions between predators and prey are frequently seen as spectacles. Due to the possibility of rain, camps tend to be quieter this month, but camp rates generally go down. The majority of the time, any rain that does fall is brief and does not affect game drives. During this time, the wildebeest are constantly moving as grassland is rejuvenated by the rain.

Zanzibar in February

It is just a short flight away, making it an excellent addition to any safari in Tanzania. Zanzibar’s February weather is typically hot and dry, but it can also be humid at times. Relaxing on the beach in the hot, dry weather is a great way to get away from winter and enjoy the sun. The Sauti za Busara Music Festival, which takes place in Stone Town over four days, is a major highlight in February.

February in Uganda: Bwindi

It has a year-round continuous twelve hours of daylight and a climate that does not experience high heat or humidity due to Uganda’s location on the equator and elevation above sea level. So, we usually say that you can go gorilla trekking at any time of the year. The short dry season comes to an end in February, making it an excellent time to see Great Apes in their natural environment. The foliage is less dense at this time, and trekking along the paths is easier.

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Where to go in February in Southern Africa?

Where to Go in Africa in February
Where to Go in Africa in February

As was mentioned earlier, February is not a great month for safaris in Southern Africa. However, now is an excellent time to visit Cape Town. February is hot and dry, making it a great time for a city break on its own or, if you have a lot of time and money, for an East Africa safari.


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