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When Biden mentions nurses doing stuff, the internet recoils “Very nasty,” “I don’t think you learn that in nursing school,”

When Biden mentions nurses doing stuff

Twitter users reacted negatively when President Biden revealed Tuesday how he was treated in a hospital in intimate detail.

Biden told a story about a nurse he claimed was called Pearl Nelson while discussing health care policy in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She would enter and perform tasks that, in his opinion, nursing school does not teach.

When Biden mentions nurses doing stuff

To ensure there was a human connection, she would lean down and literally breathe on me while whispering in my ear, which I was unable to understand.

Greg Price, senior digital strategist at X Strategies LLC, noted that Biden had previously narrated this tale.

He tweeted a clip of Biden saying, “I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would lean down and whisper in my ear, run home and buy me pillows,” which was posted by Grabien creator Tom Elliott on July 22, 2020. They would really breathe into my nostrils to get me moving, he subsequently alleged.

Numerous Twitter accounts expressed their displeasure with the president’s most recent retelling of this tale.

How does the Cabinet see this and not cite the 25th Amendment, wondered radio personality Jenna Ellis?

Not just her, though, had doubts about Biden’s mental capacity.

“This man is completely insane. It’s a good thing he doesn’t oversee a nuclear arsenal or something similar “Justin T. Haskins, a conservative commentator, wrote.

What an odd statement for the President of the United States to say, noted KCEN news anchor Kris Radcliffe.

Steve Guest, the communications director for Sen. Ted Cruz, stated that President Joseph Biden was making things strange for everyone.

Mike Crispi, a podcaster, tweeted: “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid, was topped by Joseph Biden. just took a day. Amazingly good.”

Australian opinion journalist Rita Panah questioned: “What did his nurse do? The white-coated men have disappeared.”

Dana Loesch questioned, “Why is he so strange?

By Patsy S. Nielsen

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